Thawat Buri District

Amphoe Thawat Buri ( Thai: อำเภอ ธวัชบุรี ) is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district ) in the province of Roi Et Roi Et The province is located in Isaan, the northeast region of Thailand.


Amphoe Thawat Buri borders the following districts (from north clockwise): Amphoe Chiang to the Khwan, Selaphum, Thung Khao Luang, At Samat and Mueang Roi Et All Amphoe located in the province of Roi Et


The district was renamed from Uthai Roi Et ( อุ ไทย ร้อยเอ็ด ) in Saeng Badan ( แซง บาดาล ) 1913. In 1939 he received its present name Thawat Buri.

Administrative units

Amphoe Thawat Buri in 12 communities ( tambon) divided, in turn, in 147 communities ( Muban ) are divided.

There are five small towns ( thesaban tambon) in the district:

  • Ban Niwet ( Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล บ้าน นิเวศน์ ), consisting of parts of the tambon Niwet,
  • Niwet ( Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล นิเวศน์ ), consisting of other parts of the tambon Niwet,
  • Thong Thani ( Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล ธง ธานี ), consisting of the entire Tambon Thong Thani as well as parts of the tambon Bueng Nakhon
  • To Mao ( Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล อุ่ ม เม้า ), consisting of the whole tambon To Mao,
  • Ma - ue ( Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล มะ อึ ), consisting of the entire Tambon Ma - ue.

There are also eight - Tambon administrative organizations ( " Tambon Administrative Organizations" - TAO, Thai: องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล ).

Note: The missing numbers refer to the tambon which now belong to Chiang Khwan and Thung Khao Luang.