The Amazing Race (U.S. TV series)

The Amazing Race (literally, The Amazing Race ) is an American reality television series. In the game show, two teams are ( in the 8th Season Four Teams) in a competition in which they seek in stages predetermined places and knowing how to solve certain tasks or to overcome obstacles. The race leads by instructions that are stored in the preset stations, each figuratively around the globe and is accompanied by several camera crews, while the participant pairs to win the prize of one million dollars and try to prevent early exit.


The concept of the program was written by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, which the U.S. television network CBS successfully submitted the program, where it was first aired in September 2001. Produces the shipment EarthView Productions - the joint venture of Doganieri and van Munster - and Jerry Bruckheimer Television, and Amazing Race Productions - a subsidiary of CBS Corporation - and ABC Studios, sharing the worldwide distribution rights. Since 2006, The Amazing Race is produced with varying degrees of success even in localized versions.

The original U.S. version was awarded several prizes, including twelve Primetime Emmy Awards ( by 2010 ), of which seven consecutively from 2003 to 2009 in those days the newly created category of " Outstanding Reality -Competition Program" were awarded. The Amazing Race is one in the United States, according to The Real World ( MTV ) and Survivor (CBS ) to the longest running reality formats. The now 23 season was recorded in June and July 2013, and will be broadcast from September 29, 2013 by CBS in the U.S. and CTV in Canada.


The Amazing Race begins as a rule with eleven teams of two, which are reduced in the course of several days of " race " around the world on three teams who are struggling in the last stage to the final victory, and therefore the prize of one million dollars. The essential element in the concept is a world -scale scavenger hunt, combined with elements of orienteering, namely the control points. The race is supplemented by various obstacles and tasks to individual control points. It may be puzzles, games of skill, diligence tasks, traditional rituals, tests of courage or physical activities. These tasks are usually related to the local culture of the country in which the teams just are.

An essential role for the final product as a television program the participants play. So also part of the concept of the program, the participating teams of two to advance must already know. Be selected for each edition of the race different possible teams that will inevitably encounter again and again in the course of the race and have to interact. The influence of this human factor is reinforced also by control points at which cooperation is required, teams can be punished with extra duties pending a direct or competition.

Season Overview

Prizes and awards

The series has won since 2003, eight of nine possible Primetime Emmy Awards in the category "Outstanding Reality -Competition Program" ( Best Reality Competition ). Only in 2010 won Top Chef this price.