The Babys

The Babys were a British rock band.


The group was founded by John Waite and Michael Corby in London in 1975. It consisted of John Waite ( vocals, bass ), Walter Stocker ( guitar), Tony Brock (drums ) and Michael Corby (guitar, keyboards). In 1979 the album Head First, at the Michael Corby was no longer involved. 1980 pushed for the album On the Edge Ricky Phillips ( bass) and Jonathan Cain (keyboards ) joined the band.

1989 there was a reunion of Waite Phillips and Cain in the band Bad English, but that lasted only two years. Jonathan Cain went back to the U.S. rock band Journey, where he had acted even before the establishment of Bad English as a keyboardist, Ricky Phillips turned to various projects and played the leading role in a 1997 short film ( " HT 's Song "). In 2003, he joined the U.S. band Styx and there replaced co-founder Chuck Panozzo.

The original baby Michael Corby and Walter Stocker have retired from the music industry, Tony Brock remained in show business and founded in 2004 in Los Angeles, the Rockin ' Hoarse Studios. John Waite was also a successful solo artist.