The Bad and the Beautiful

City of Illusions is an American film drama directed by Vincente Minnelli from the year 1952.


After a long time, three people meet in a successful Hollywood producer office together: the actress Georgia, the director Fred and screenwriter James. Producer Shields wants to produce a movie with them. Nearly bankrupt he sits in Europe and now needs money to save themselves from bankruptcy. The three protagonists know Shields of the past and each of them has had bad experiences with it in his own way. While waiting for a call from Shields, they tell each other their experiences with the producers.


The filmdienst described the film as " elegantly staged and psychologically coherent conversation." The film- permit " a critical look behind the glamorous facade of the film world.".


The figure of the producer Shields is the real producer David O. Selznick modeled.

In Germany the film was on 1 September 1953.

The film holds the record won Oscars ( 5), without having been nominated for Best Picture.