The Bat (Kings Island; opened 1981)

Tha Bat in Iceland Kings (Kings Mills, Ohio, United States) was a steel roller coaster model from Arrow Dynamics suspended coaster manufacturer, which was opened in 1981. She was the prototype of the suspended coaster manufacturer.

Due to numerous problems with the web, it has already been closed and torn down in 1983 from 1984. Since the rails were not inclined in the curves, the rails and the supports were highly stressed. The brake swords were mounted on the floor of the car, which meant that the wheels during braking were highly stressed. The shock absorbers were exposed to high forces due to strong vibrations. In addition, there were hairline cracks in the wheels and carriage.

Arrow Dynamics Suspended Coaster optimized the model and in 1984 was at Six Flags Astroworld with XLR -8 model opens, which was more than two decades in operation.