The Bat

The Bat (own spelling The Bat! ) Is a proprietary e -mail program for Windows. It was developed in 1997 by RITLabs, a software company based in Chisinau, Moldova.



Since version 6.0.0, which was only available as a pre-release version, The Bat is fully Unicode- compatible. For a large portion of the program has been rewritten.

Supported Protocols / Security

It supports IMAP and POP3, their SSL variants with secure authentication via APOP, CRAM -HMAC, NTLM, and CompuServe RPA and SMTP, including secure connection via StartTLS, SSL3 is for The Bat! 6.1 supports. Via MAPI can be used to access mail features of Microsoft Exchange Server. GnuPG and PGP can be incorporated and addressed from The Bat out. S / MIME is supported directly. The Pro version is encrypted and automatically backs up the mail databases if necessary. HTML emails can be viewed on request, but no active content to run it. The Bat reloads no images, style sheets or script files. When saving / opening of potentially dangerous files, the program warns the user. Using a Plugin allows it to be extended. The programming interface is also open to external developers.

There are numerous anti -spam plugins ( also Bayesian -based ). The Bat can be extended to an RSS reader and virus scanners are integrated.

Multiple user accounts

The Bat supports any number of user accounts, each of which different identities and templates can be assigned. Thus each user account gets its own folder such as incoming and outgoing mail. These are not stored in a central folder, but can be displayed together on the virtual folder.

Filter functions

Complex nested filters are supported. All properties of a mail can be specified as a criterion. Applies a filter actions such as moving, marking, coloring, starting external programs, export, forwarding, address operations, play sound and may be readily performed. Read Selective filter only the header of an e- mail on the server and delete the message, if necessary, without downloading them first. As spam filters can be used several freely available plug-ins. Virtual folders can be created with numerous filter criteria and show mails from different physical files to.


New messages, replies and forwarded messages can be very flexible templates are assigned, such as when creating automated Salutations, signatures, introduction lines or cookies. These cookies have but it has nothing to do with the HTTP cookies from sites, but are templates that help texts from external text files can be automatically integrated into mail. There are also many predefined variables. Templates can be defined per account, folders, address book group and sender. Can be automated to a large extent together with the filter functions therefore the e-mail communication. Personalized newsletters can be created using the mail merge function. Quick Templates allow you to quickly insert text blocks with shortcuts and reuse of text modules in different templates.

Spell check

The spell checker checks text as you type. Unknown words can add. Foreign dictionaries, for example, can be imported.


Toolbars can be adjusted as desired to display, for example, often used functions as symbols or to limit the surface to the required symbols. Likewise, shortcuts can be customized.


The Bat! has a calendar with reminder function and a notebook.


Through various designs the look of the interface can be customized. Colors and patterns of various surface elements are affected with it.

Address management

Multiple address books, each with multiple address groups can be managed. An address can be a member of multiple groups. Each address has a number of fields; among other things, multiple e -mail addresses, home and business postal address, date of birth (with optional notification), e- mail template to use code page, image, OpenPGP keys and S / MIME certificates.


  • The Bat! Home Edition
  • The Bat! Professional Edition
  • The Bat! Voyager: A USB version of the mailer, it is a license for the Pro version required.
  • The Bat! Professional with hardware tokens: with all the features of The Bat. In addition, there is a secure connection to POP3/SMTP-Servern, hardware tokens and "On -the-fly " encryption.

Import function

Currently, The Bat allows the e- mail import of the following programs:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express v4.xx, 5.xx, 6.0
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 97, 2000, XP, 2003
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Netscape Communicator v4.xx
  • Netscape Mail v2.xx, 3.xx
  • Eudora Lite / Pro
  • Pegasus Mail v2.xx, 3.xx

Address books can be imported in the following formats:

  • Outlook Express (Windows Address Book)
  • Microsoft Office Outlook ( Contacts Folder )
  • Google Contacts
  • LDIF file
  • Business Card ( vCard )
  • Comma -separated ( plain text)
  • Tab delimited ( plain text)
  • INI file
  • Eudora Address Book
  • Pegasus Tag File