The Beast in the Heart

La bestia nel cuore (Translation: The Beast in the heart ) is an Italian film drama in 2005, the film adaptation was adapted from the author Cristina Comencini both as a writer as well as a staged film.. The film was nominated for the 2006 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.


Sabina lives in a really happy relationship with Franco. When she finds that she is expecting a child from him, she visited over the Christmas of their living in the United States brother Daniele. She wants to talk to him about her childhood. It turns out that the father of the two Daniele abused several times and the mother has covered this action for family preservation. Daniele tells Sabina further that he could sit only against the abuse to defend, as he suspected that the father would soon pass by on her. The mother asked him to tell anyone anything, because the father was sick, it was just a vice and he wanted to harm anyone, what Daniele also apparently did not. When the father was later on his deathbed and Daniele confessed Sabina when she was very small, to have also abused twice and Daniele did not realize that this is the Father prepared any remorse, he injected him with a double dose of morphine. The father fell into a coma and died a few hours later.

Meanwhile in Italy, fall in love, the two girlfriends Sabinas. These are the blind Emilia, until then a passion for Sabina cherished, and Mary, who was abandoned by her husband for a friend 's daughter.


The movie grossed € 4,973,000 at the box office in Italy.


Angela Finocchiaro won the Nastro d' Argento awarded as Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mary in 2006. The cinematographer Fabio Cianchetti is for his work in La bestia nel cuore and The Tiger and the Snow was awarded the Nastro d' Argento Best Cinematography. The film has been shown at the International Film Festival in Venice in 2005, where Giovanna Mezzogiorno won the Coppa Volpi for Best Actress was awarded.

The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Award in the category, but only after Saverio Costanzo Private part of the Academy was rejected as a contest entry, because he had not turned to Italian, and Giovanni Veronesi Manuale d' amore for reasons of solidarity withdrew from the competition with Costanzo.