The Big Valley

Big Valley (AKA The Big Valley) is an American Western television series, created 1965 to 1969 a total of 112 episodes in four seasons, each containing 49 minutes from over the years.


The series takes place in 1870 on the Barkley Ranch in Stockton, California. The main role of the widowed matriarch Victoria Barkley was presented by Barbara Stanwyck. Jarrod Barkley, the eldest son and respected lawyer, played Richard Long. In the role of the younger son Nick Barkley, who runs the ranch, Peter Breck was seen. Linda Evans played Audra Barkley, the only daughter. In the first episode Lee Majors is introduced in the role of Heath. He is the illegitimate son of Victoria 's late husband, who only has to gain the trust of the family members.

At the beginning of the series there was with Eugene (Charles Briles ) another son on the ranch, but this no longer appeared only sporadically and after the first season. Recurring characters were the housekeeper Silas ( Napoleon Whiting ) and the local Sheriff Fred Madden ( Douglas Kennedy).

Instrumentation and synchronization

The German synchronization was created by a dialogue book by Horst summer and dialogue, directed by Wolfgang Schick.

Guest Cast

In guest roles were, inter alia, Charles Bronson, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Dern, Katharine Ross, Cloris Leachman, Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Oates, Martin Landau, Anne Baxter, Julie Harris, George Kennedy, Yaphet Kotto, Pernell Roberts, Harry Dean Stanton, Harold J. Stone and William Shatner on.

Awards (selection)

Actress Barbara Stanwyck in 1966, 1967 and 1968 respectively nominated for a Golden Globe. In 1966 she was also awarded with the Emmy and received in the two years respectively nominated for this award.

The cutter Sherman A. Rose was awarded the 1966 Eddie Award. Two years later, the involved also as an editor on the show Desmond Marquette received this award.


In the U.S., the series began on September 15, 1965 on the ABC network and ended on May 19 in 1969 after a total of 112 episodes broadcast. Although the series was very popular, it was discontinued in May 1969 because it took place for more modern series.

In Germany ran 61 episodes of the series in the years 1969 and 1970 on ZDF. The first broadcast of the remaining 51 episodes occurred only from 1996 to 1998 on Sat.1 and DF1.