The Blue Light (1932 film)

  • Leni Riefenstahl: junta
  • Mathias Wieman: Vigo
  • Beni Guide: Tonio
  • Max Holzboer: host
  • Martha Mair: Lucia
  • Francesco Maldacea: Guzzi

The blue light is a mystical and romantic mountain film from the year 1932. Leni Riefenstahl has resulted in this film along with Béla Balázs, the Director and played at the same time the main role.


From the top of Monte Cristallo shines in full moon nights a mysterious blue light that has seduced many young men to the night ascension, and torn to death. The superstitious villagers give the mountain girl junta blamed and fear it as a witch. Junta knows the only way to the blue light emanating from a crystal grotto, which shimmers in the moonlight. One day you follow the painter Vigo secretly in the mountains. He reveals secret juntas and triggers a disaster by starting with the removal of the crystals from the cave. Juntas "treasure" no longer exists. Full of disappointment, she is on the way down carelessly and crashes. The next morning, she finds the painter Vigo dead on.


The blue light was the directorial debut of Leni Riefenstahl, who had become known as an actress in the mountain films Arnold Fanck. She took over next to the script and the main role of production, editing and " art work ".

This film attracted the attention of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

The figure of the junta inspired Charles Chaplin to that illustrated by Paulette Goddard tramp in Modern Times (1936).

The film was a template for the song " The Blue Light " of Kastel Spatzen.