The Blue Umbrella (2013 film)

The Blue Umbrella (AKA The Blue Umbrella) is a computer animated film of Pixar Animation Studios, which ran in 2013 as a supporting film to Monsters University. Written and directed by German director are Saschka Unseld.


The film is set in a large city on a rainy night, the rain brings inanimate objects on the road to sound, people scurry under their dark umbrellas on the sidewalks. There appear a red and a blue umbrella with faces to the ground, the blue noticed the red and tries to come closer. As it almost succeeds, the wind blows him, but the rain pipes, mailboxes and Construction signs begin to help him, which almost succeeds - but it will run over. His owner and the owner of the red umbrella find him and sit down with their umbrellas in front of a café.


According Unseld he invented the story after he had found in San Francisco a wind-blown umbrella. His team photographed for designing various inanimate objects in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and Paris. The film uses artificial pareidolia, so that the viewer recognizes faces in these objects.

Pixar's rendering system has been enhanced for this movie to algorithms for lighting and reflections that reflect a natural road environment, an effect known as global illumination.


The blue umbrella was first performed on February 12, 2013 at the International Film Festival in Berlin. Then he ran as a supporting film to Monsters University.