The Bridge (Billy-Joel-Album)


  • Vocal / Piano / Synthesizer / Guitar: Billy Joel
  • Bass: Doug Meyer web
  • Drums: Liberty DeVitto
  • Guitar: David Brown
  • Guitar: Russell Javor

The Bridge is the tenth studio album by American musician Billy Joel.


Joel took the work on the album in 1985 and quit this already beginning in 1986. On the album various guest musicians can be heard, for example, Jazz legend Ray Charles, who contributed his piano playing and singing to " Baby Grand ", or Steve Winwood, who operated the Hammond organ in "Getting Closer". The last piece that was recorded for " The Bridge " was "Code Of Silence", a title had written to Joel with singer Cyndi Lauper. Lauper is also heard in the song as a backing vocalist.

In the music video for the hit single "A Matter Of Trust " Joel away from its image as the " Piano Man ", as he played in the clip an autographed Gibson Les Paul instead of as usual to sit at the piano. In the song " Big Man on Mulberry Street" the musician also interspersed with his childhood on the streets of the places where he and his family were living apart.


Although "The Bridge" was able to achieve a place in the top 10 of the U.S. album charts, the panel was unable to repeat the success of its predecessor. The single releases "A Matter of Trust " and "Modern Woman " occupied each tenth place on the Billboard charts, also the ballad " This Is the Time " was released as a single and reached at least the 18th place of the single charts.

Title list

Both the music and the lyrics of all the tracks, except " Code of Silence " which the musician wrote along with Cyndi Lauper, submitted by Billy Joel.

Chart positions