The Browning Version (1994 film)

  • Albert Finney: Andrew Crocker -Harris
  • Greta Scacchi: Laura Crocker -Harris
  • Matthew Modine: Frank Hunter
  • Julian Sands: Tom Gilbert
  • Michael Gambon: Dr. Frobisher
  • Ben Silverstone: Taplow
  • Jim Sturgess: Bryant
  • Joseph Beattie: Wilson
  • Mark Bolton: Grantham
  • Tom Havelock: Laughton
  • Walter Micklethwait: Buller
  • Jotham Annan: Prince Abakendi
  • David Lever: David Fletcher
  • Bruce Myers: Dr. Rafferty
  • Maryam d'Abo: Diana
  • David Pullan: Trimmer

The Browning Version (Original Title: The Browning Version ) is a British drama from 1994 by director Mike Figgis. The main role was played by Albert Finney.

It is based on a multi- filmed play by Terence Rattigan from 1948, inter alia, directed by Anthony Asquith 1951. The original title of the character study of Robert Browning's translation refers to the Agamemnon of Aeschylus.


Andrew Crocker -Harris has for 20 years taught the Greek and Latin classics at a Public School in the south of England, and this brilliant and at a high level -. , And with unyielding hardness His teaching facility under the direction of facing Rector Dr. Frobisher is traditional, but also understood in transition. Crocker - Harris, who is married to the much younger Laura goes into early retirement due to health problems. Most of his students take it on with ease - but they have devised the nickname " Hitler the lower Fifth " for him.

His successor is Tom Gilbert, also winner of the Chancellor's Price for Latin verses of Oxford, the dead languages ​​is the sign of the times further restrict accordingly. Laura has an affair with the jovial chemistry teacher Frank Hunter, an American. Crocker -Harris, himself a classic, is not received by Dr. Frobisher Asked promised pension AoA yet. Laura called her husband then as a " coward ". That his wife unfaithful, suspects Crocker -Harris a long time. What surprised him, however, is the fact that his students hate him without exception. He has published his own translations ever.

The celebration of its adoption is imminent. Because of the dramaturgical process to Crocker -Harris makes his speech slide on the last place, and thus admits a younger, more popular teachers the field. In his words beauty and fervor of Agamemnon is only made for " a thousand " students on fertile ground. The sensitive Taplow is the only one who can suffer the monstrous educators, yes raves about him. With the boys it comes to translation fidelity but also on fantasy and on human empathy to speak.

At a social event, the cricket, making him the boy in a state of extreme nervousness output of Agamemnon in the version of Robert Browning to the present, with a dedication in ( perfect ) hexameters. Crocker -Harris burst into tears.

Laura humiliates him one more time, by understanding the book as an attempt to bribe a Strebers. The young teacher Hunter - his rival - Crocker -Harris recommends well-meaning, once again to "start from scratch" and a "faithful " to seek wife.

Crocker -Harris says his wife farewell, and calls on them to vacate the house until the following day. The award ceremony and adoption in the traditional room are very well attended. Crocker -Harris snubbed Dr. Frobisher, but by holding the closing speech, his status in accordance with. Its previous speaker, the gym teacher, is applauded for its easily accessible word contribution and cheered.

Crocker -Harris differs in his farewell speech from his notes, and prefers all vintages and to the College instead, the balance of one's life. As a humanist, he confesses to be a complete failure as a person and as a teacher. He asks the students who are present on behalf of all former formally pardon.

He met his wife one last time, but they separate.


The exterior shots were taken at Milton Abbey School, Blandford, Dorset, the interiors presented the Sherborne School, Sherborne, Dorset available.


" A deeply moving portrait slower mental destruction, with careful, unsensationeller accuracy staged and vividly depicted by Albert Finney. "

The New York Times, it seemed as if the whole movie only work " if we believe it Laura when she says about her husband, he was not always so. '" ( " The Browning Version " works only if we believe Laura When She says of her husband, " He was not always the Crock. " ) and something like: " we will take it from them not. " ( hollow ring ).

Awards and nominations

Cannes Film Festival 1994

  • Golden Palm nomination for Mike Figgis. She went to Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino.

BAFTA Awards 1995

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 1994

  • BSFC Award Best Actor for Albert Finney