The Bund

The federal government ( [ bʌnd ], Chinese外滩/外滩, Pinyin Waitan ) is a long promenade in the Chinese city of Shanghai over the Special Economic Zone of Pudong on the west bank of the Huangpu River. It was redesigned in preparation for the Expo 2010 since 2008 and extended from 1.5 km to 2.6 km.

As a road district Waitan (Chinese外滩 街道/外滩 街道, Pinyin Waitan jiedao) he is part of the city Huangpu District. It consists of 52 buildings of various architectural styles and is one of the main tourist attractions of Shanghai. Officially, the federal part of the ring road, Zhongshan Lu (Chinese中 山路) and begins south of Suzhou Creek and the Garden Bridge ( Waibaidu Qiao ).


Confederation went into the English language from the Hindustani word tied one, which in turn comes from Persian. In India there called artificial mounds such as dikes and dams in general, while in the English treaty ports in China so that a Kai was called.


Originally, instead of today's waterfront a British branch was built just north of the then walled Shanghai. With the increasing colonial trade in the late 19th century and the onset of construction boom, land prices were higher and higher buildings were erected in order to save floor space, which led to a remarkable skyline. Since then, the federal government one of the most important financial centers in East Asia.

Building on the Bund

Many homes are historic European colonial in which banks, consulates and companies from the UK, France, the U.S., Russia, the German Reich and Japan were housed.

Along the Bund, the following historically significant buildings listed by number:

  • Beijing Road # 2: Glen Line Building, now houses the Shanghai Broadcasting Board

Administrative Divisions

The road district Waitan is composed of 19 residential communities. These are:

  • Residents Community Baoxinglu (宝兴 路 社区);
  • Residents Community Beijinglu (北京 路 社区);
  • Residents Community Dongfeng (东风 社区);
  • Residents Community Funan (福南 社区);
  • Residents Community Hankoulu (汉口 路 社区);
  • Residents Community Huqiulu (虎丘 路 社区);
  • Residents Community Jinling (金陵 社区);
  • Residents Community Ningbolu (宁波 路 社区);
  • Residents Community Ruifu (瑞福 社区);
  • Residents Community Beilu Shandong (山东 北路 社区);
  • Residents Community Shanxi Nanlu (山西 南路 社区);
  • Residents Community shengze (盛泽 居委会 社区);
  • Residents Community Wuxilu (无锡 路 社区);
  • Residents Community Xinjian Ercun (新建 二 村 社区);
  • Residents Community Yong'anlu (永安 路);
  • Residents Community Yongshenglu (永胜 路 社区);
  • Residents Community Yunnanlu (云南 路 社区);
  • Residents Community Zhongshandong yilu (中 山东 一路 社区);
  • Residents Community Zhaotonglu (昭通 路 社区).