The Cardinal

  • Tom Tryon: Stephen Fermoyle
  • Carol Lynley: Mona Fermoyle / Regina Fermoyle
  • Dorothy Gish: Celia Fermoyle
  • Maggie McNamara: Florrie Fermoyle
  • Bill Hayes: Frank Fermoyle
  • Cecil Kellaway: Monsignor Monaghan
  • John Huston: Cardinal Glennon
  • Burgess Meredith: Pastor Ned Halley
  • Tullio Carminati: Cardinal Giacobbi
  • Ossie Davis: Father Gillis
  • Romy Schneider: Annemarie von Hartmann
  • Peter Weck: Kurt von Hartmann
  • Josef Meinrad: Cardinal Innitzer
  • Matthias Fuchs: Father Neider Moser
  • Erik Frey: Arthur Seyss- Inquart
  • Vilma Degischer: Sister Wilhelmina
  • Wolfgang Preiss: SS- Major
  • Jürgen Wilke: Army Lieutenant
  • Wolf Albach -Retty: Austrian Baron

The Cardinal is the title of a 1963 American feature film rotated. It was directed by Otto Preminger, the fictional plot is loosely modeled on the eponymous novel by Henry Morton Robinson.


The film shows the career advancement of Stephen Fermoyle, a young American of humble origin. Convinced of his vocation, Fermoyle 1917, ordained a priest. Fermoyle the Catholic Church feels so closely related that his dogmatism with a Jew prevent the marriage of his sister Mona. When seriously ill Mona years later during her pregnancy, decides Stephen, that the life of the unborn child takes precedence: Mona dies in agony. Tormented by remorse, Stephen left to rest his priesthood and works as a language teacher in Vienna. Here he falls in love with the pretty student Anne Marie. But Stephens vocation to the priesthood finally proves to be stronger. Matured Inwardly, he entered the service of the Vatican until he returns to the papal mission to Vienna in 1938. Stephen is designed to help prevent Nazi terror. But the policy is proving to be much more powerful - and Stephen have to stand idly by while Anne Marie is tortured and killed by the Gestapo. 1939, just before the outbreak of the Second World War, Stephen is collected at the cardinal.


" Entertaining bestseller adaptation that never deepens the mentioned religious, social and political issues in the face of many church historical facts. "

" ... A blurred, but maudlin and equipped with plenty of Hollywood glamor picture of the career of an American Cardinal. "

"Clean and neatly made, but without lower value because the director of the intrusive problems that would have been with humanity offered by Christ must deal has gone out of the way. Course from 18. "


  • The film was nominated for six Oscars in 1964, including Best Director Otto Preminger.
  • The film won a Golden Globe, as well as John Huston for Best Supporting Actor.
  • Tom Tryon, Romy Schneider and Otto Preminger were each nominated for a Golden Globe.