The Cat in the Hat (film)

. Cat in the Hat ( The Cat in the Hat) is an American adventure comedy from 2003, directed by Bo Welch, the screenplay by Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer based on the children's book The Cat with hat ( Original title: The Cat in the Hat ) by Dr. Seuss.


The secluded estate agent Joan Walden has two children, Sally and Conrad. She meets her neighbor Lawrence Quinn, whom she wants to marry. Quinn has to send before, his future stepson to a military school.

The children sit alone in her home and be bored. They are visited by a talking cat, who has the size of a human. The cat ignored the fish of the children, who tried to talk to him and shall submit a contract that provides fun to children.

Together with the cat and his helpers thing 1 and thing 2 see the kids in a fantasy world numerous adventures. They devastate their house and put Quinn in character as merely weak. At the end of the house rules is restored before Joan returns.

Joan realizes that Quinn is not the one for which they held him and rejects him.

The complete story is told by an anonymous narrator who, as we learn at the end, the cat is.


Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times on November 21, 2003, the production design of the film was good, but the film was disappointing. He was another overwrought failure ( " overwrought clunker " ) as The Grinch.

The magazine wrote Cinema, the film experienced " excessive malice by almost all U.S. film critics ," but the children's book adaptation was " much, much better than their lousy reputation." He was one of the " most imaginative and most entertaining Tots films of recent years "; a " gaudy, rousing Happening ". One could "enjoy at rapid pace, to the irreverent gags and surreal imagery ." The conclusion of the editorial: " Toxic, funny and a visual feast ."


Dakota Fanning was nominated in 2004 for the Young Artist Award. Mike Myers was nominated in 2004 for the Kids' Choice Award. The film was nominated in three categories for the Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award 2004. David Newman won the 2004 BMI film music award.

The film received in 2004 the Golden Raspberry as Worst replacement for a real movie - only concept, no content. He was nominated in seven other categories for the Golden Raspberry Awards, including Worst Picture as, for Bo Welch, Mike Myers, Alec Baldwin and Kelly Preston. In 2005 he was nominated for the Golden Raspberry as Worst " Comedy " of the quarter of a century. From the Dallas - Fort Worth Film Critics Association, the film was awarded the title of worst film in 2004.


The film was shot in Los Angeles and in several other locations in California as well as in Longleaf (Florida ). His cost of production was estimated at 109 million U.S. dollars. The film played in theaters in the USA about a 100.4 million U.S. dollars.

Dr. Seuss ' widow Audrey Geisel was so disappointed about this movie that they now all live-action film adaptations of Dr. Seuss' has banned works