The Circus (film)

  • Charles Chaplin: Tramp
  • Allan Garcia: ringmaster
  • Merna Kennedy: step-daughter of the director and equestrienne
  • Harry Crocker: Rex, the Tightrope Walker
  • George Davis: Wizard
  • Henry Bergman: old clown
  • Stanley J. Sandford: Requisiteur
  • John Rand: Assistant to the Requisiteurs
  • Steve Murphy: pickpocket

The circus ( original English Title: The Circus ) is a silent comedy film directed by Charles Chaplin from 1928.


The Tramp is wrongly suspected of pickpocketing and being chased by the police. On the run, he bursts into a circus performance and brings the audience involuntarily laugh. Then the ringmaster would hire him as a clown. But the Tramp can not be funny on command. It is therefore employed only as a prop. Through the misadventures that happen to him while he is nobody knows, that the main attraction of the circus without itself. It was the step-daughter of the director, in which Charlie has fallen in love, opens his eyes. But the dream of Charlie's a common future with the beautiful equestrienne bursts, as the tightrope walker Rex is hired.


The world premiere took place on January 6, 1928 in beach Theatre in New York. On January 27, the film in the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood was first presented as part of a spectacular circus show.

The sales took over United Artists, because Chaplin was shareholder of the film company. Controlled by Chaplin and later his heirs Roy Export Company Establishment is the current owners.


Chaplin was in 1929 in the category ' Best Actor ' nomination for his performance in the film The Circus at the Academy Awards. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided, however, that Chaplin receives an honorary Oscar for his versatility and his genius as a writer, performer, director and producer of The Circus. Chaplin himself was dissatisfied with his film and also did not mention it in his autobiography. Only in the second edition, Chaplin approached in his work.


The post-processing of the film was already agreed between Chaplin and Hanns Eisler 1948 contract, because of the summons to " Unamerican Committee " came for Eisler however not materialize.

Chaplin wrote the music for the re- release of the film in 1970 and even sang the title song.