The Commitments (film)

  • Robert Arkins: Jimmy Rabbitte
  • Michael Aherne: Steven Clifford, Piano
  • Angeline Ball: Imelda Quirke, song
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy Natalie Murphy, vocals
  • Dave Finnegan: Mickah Wallace, drums
  • Bronagh Gallagher: Bernie McGloughlin, song
  • Felim Gormley: Dean Fay, Saxophone
  • Glen Hansard: Outspan Foster, Guitar
  • Dick Massey: Billy Mooney, drums
  • Johnny Murphy: Joey ' The Lips ' Fagan, Trumpet
  • Kenneth McCluskey: Derek Scully, Bass
  • Andrew Strong: Deco Cuffe, song
  • Colm Meaney Jimmy Rabbitte, Sr.

The Commitments (Original Title: The Commitments ) is an Irish- British feature film based on a novel by Roddy Doyle, about a group of young people in Dublin who form a soul band.


The young unemployed Jimmy Rabbitte has a vision: he wants to bring the Soul to Ireland and establish " the hardest working band in the world ". Jimmy himself can not sing or play an instrument, so he must first gather together the band members. Gradually he finds partly random, partly through acquaintances and an ad in the newspaper which he deems appropriate composition of the band.

The first samples have been even more bad, but the combination of musicians and singers shows around the apparently gifted singer and frontman Deco under the management of Rabbitte and with the musical experience of the older band member Joey " The Lips " Fagan to be quite motivated. Gradually, the band developed and it comes to the first public appearances.

The band is becoming a local attraction. Even Jimmy's father, who actually worshiped Elvis Presley - a picture of Elvis hangs in Jimmy's living room over a the Pope - is beginning to like the Soul.

On the summit of success, as the band plays a gig in " Gallagher's ," Jimmy gets offered a recording contract. However, the rest of the band does not know anything more, as the members quarrel hopeless. The straw that breaks the camel's back, is the announced appearance by Wilson Pickett, however, does not appear. Jimmy is then disappointed and go home on foot. He argues with Joey, the trumpeter because he is of the opinion that he had him what Pickett concerns, lied to.

On the way home he meets a limousine. The driver asks Jimmy for directions to the " Gallagher's ". The answer, the pub was already closed. As it turns out later, the passenger in the car was none other than Wilson Pickett.


The film was nominated for a 1992 Oscar for Best Editing. He won several BAFTA awards.


The Snapper and fish & chips are the other parts of a trilogy based on novels by Roddy Doyle.


  • " Peppy musical comedy that always keeps the dreary everyday life of her characters in view. By Detailfreudigkeit the staging and the playful mood and musicality of their unconsumed performer stimulating entertainment. "-" Lexicon of international film "(CD -ROM edition ), Systhema, Munich 1997

The Film Review Board Wiesbaden gave the production the predicate particularly valuable.


The Commitments Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (AAD ) appeared in 1991 at Beacon Communications Corporation and MCA Records with a playing time of 42 minutes and 10 seconds.

The Commitments are: Robert Arkins, Michael Aherne, Angeline Ball, Maria Doyle, Dave Finnegan, Bronagh Gallagher, Felim Gormley, Glen Hansard, Dick Massey, Kenneth McCluskey, Johnny Murphy and Andrew Strong.

The album was produced by Paul Bushnell, Kevin Killen and Alan Parker. Sound engineer Kevin Killen and mix. The recording took place in the Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin, at Ocean Way Recording, Los Angeles and The Hit Factory, London, instead.

This album contains all the songs from the movie. The missing tracks are on the album The Commitments - Rarities appeared that in addition contains five interpreted by Andrew Strong pieces that are not heard in the film (tracks 12-16).