The Daily Telegraph (Australia)

The Daily Telegraph is an Australian newspaper that is in Sydney, New South Wales, by Nationwide News, a subsidiary of News Corporation, issued. The right - wing populist tabloid published daily in tabloid format (40 cm x 29 cm). The Sunday edition of the paper appears as The Sunday Telegraph.


The Tele, or rather irionisch Daily Terror, as the newspaper is colloquially called, was founded in 1879 and was until 1990 one of the most common morning newspapers in Sydney until she and her sister newspaper, the evening paper The Daily Mirror to The Daily Telegraph Mirror merged. There were morning and evening editions, but the latter were later deleted from the program. The once competing with the Mirror on the evening market from the Fairfax Sun -Verlag already disappeared in the late 1980s without replacement from the market. The market for evening papers only revived again with the free distribution of commuters since 2005 ultra shallow Boulevard Postille mX, which is also produced by the Murdoch empire.

By January 1996, the newspaper ran under that name until they, despite concerns that previous readers of the "Mirror" would now turn away from the newspaper was renamed back to The Daily Telegraph. Because of the unique position in the Sydney's newspaper market, this was a danger, however, not really. With 409,000 copies sold per day in the first half of 2004, the Tele is by far the best-selling newspaper in the Sydney area.


The Telegraph is generally considered conservative and nationalistic. He mainly deals with issues such as violence, but also education. Furthermore, he takes an ambivalent position on the European Union.

According to a media survey by Roy Morgan International saw 40 % of all journalists, the newspapers of News Limited as the most partial in Australia. When asked their opinion not reported which newspapers just and unjust, the readers responded as follows: Daily Telegraph ( 9%), Herald - Sun (11 %) and " All of them " (16 %).

The counterpart of the telegraph in Melbourne 's The Herald Sun.