The Day of the Locust (film)

The Day of the Locust ( Original title: The Day of the Locust) is an American film drama from 1975 directed by John Schlesinger, the screenplay was written by Waldo Salt based on the novel by Nathanael West from 1939. .


The action takes place in Hollywood in the late 1930s. The father of the unsuccessful actress Faye Greener, Harry, working as peddlers. The previously worked as an accountant Homer Simpson and a resident of Faye's neighborhood artist Tod Hackett fall in love with them. Simpson is the woman treated badly. Hackett, who recently completed a study, is hired by a movie studio.


The film was made ( including in Hollywood ), in Beverly Hills and Inglewood in Los Angeles. The world premiere took place in Los Angeles on May 7, 1975.


Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times on May 23, 1975, the film was " complex, daring and epic ." He may show metaphorically America between the depression and the war will end, however, only an "exercise ". Some characters would you describe as " grotesque". The appearance of Donald Sutherland is among the " wonders " of the film.

The magazine wrote Cinema, the film was a " startling portrait of Hollywood's losers ". He male " a bizarre, evil image of the decline of the fabled American dream ".


Burgess Meredith were nominated for an Oscar in 1976 for Best Supporting Actor and Conrad L. Hall for Best Cinematography. Karen Black for Best Actress - Drama and Burgess Meredith as Best Supporting Actor in 1976 nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

Ann Roth won in 1976 for the costumes the BAFTA Award. Burgess Meredith and Richard Macdonald for Best Art Direction in 1976 nominated for the BAFTA Award.