The Duchess (film)

The Duchess ( of English Original title: The Duchess ) is a British film drama from 2008 was directed by Saul Dibb, who together with Jeffrey Hatcher and Anders Thomas Jensen also wrote the screenplay based on the biography Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (see Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of. wrote Devonshire ) by Amanda Foreman.


England in the late 18th century: Georgiana Spencer married at age 17 the Duke of Devonshire, the marriage was arranged by her mother. The only claim that the Duke has in this marriage, the birth of an heir. Georgiana begins soon to be interested in politics and becomes a supporter of the Whig party. After the birth of two daughters, the couple spends some time in Bath to take the waters. Here they learn to Lady Elizabeth Foster ( Bess ) know who is fast becoming a close friend Georgianas and returns to London to live with the Devonshire. The Duke takes Bess soon mistress. This therefore has the opportunity to get her three sons from his first marriage with the help of the influence of the Duke. Georgiana tries initially against this " Ménage à trois " to fight back and eventually calls the same right for themselves. When she tells the Duke that they are the politician Charles Grey, whom she had long supported politically, would like to take as a lover, he raped her. As a result, it comes to the birth of the long -awaited heir " hard ".

Shortly after Georgiana begins with the help of Bess an affair with Charles Grey, who soon reached the public. The Duke Georgiana forces to end the relationship because she would otherwise never see their children. After Georgiana has found that she is expecting a child of Charles, it is placed in the company of Bess in the country. Here she brings her daughter Eliza to the world that is given shortly after birth in the custody of the family of Charles. Georgiana returns to London, where she again looks at a reception Charles Grey. He tells her that he will marry soon and that feeling well their daughter.

In the credits, the life story of the historical models is told through text overlays: the " ménage à trois " remained until the death Georgianas exist. Charles Grey is later prime minister. You, Bess and the Duke live up to Georgianas together death, her daughter, Eliza, she still meets in secret. Eliza names her daughter after her mother.


Wesley Lovell wrote on he was not sure what exactly would show the trailer of the film - but the watch is stunning. Keira Knightley show a preference for historical costumes.

Christina Tilmann titled their criticism with "Princess of Hearts". For them, the film is much more than a costume drama. He preferred parallels to the fate of Lady Diana, who is a descendant of Georgiana Spencer. It is the story of a marriage that is indeed befitting, but unhappy. It was a small miracle that Ralph Fiennes could at least create an understanding of the dry, hard and emotionless husband.

The organizers of the Toronto International Film Festival wrote, the film shows " startlingly modern " desire, loss and scandal. Knightley was exceptional in the role of a woman who had influenced the politics of the country, although it had no power over their own destiny.


The production of the film was funded by the BBC and Pathé. The film was until December 2007 rotated by September 2007 in London and in various other locations in England. The world premiere took place in the UK on 5 September 2008. On 7 and 8 September 2008 was followed by screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival. On 19 September 2008, the film came in the selected cinemas in the United States.


Ralph Fiennes was nominated for the role of the Duke of Devonshire for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. At the British Independent Film Awards ( Best Actress: Keira Knightley, Best Supporting Actress: Hayley Atwell, Supporting Actor: Ralph Fiennes, Costumes: Michael O'Connor ) and the Satellite Awards ( Best Cinematography, Costumes, Production Design ) also received The Duchess nominations, but remained unprämiert. At the Academy Awards in 2009, the film won the prize for the best costume and was nominated for Best Production Design. Several months later The Duchess was nominated for the Audience Award at the European Film Awards.