The Emigrants (film)

Emigrants ( Original title: Utvandrarna ) is a Swedish film drama from 1971, which tells of an emigrating to the West of the United States group of people in the mid- 19th century. The novel is based is derived by Vilhelm Moberg. A content anknüpfender film was made with the same team and the same performers under the title The new land. An alternative title is The Emigrants.


Middle of the 19th century. Kristina and Karl- Oskar live in southern Sweden, in a small community in Smaland. You heard a small land whose soil is, however, almost barren. Times are hard anyway: Bad weather leads to poor harvests and famine. Therefore, the first-born child of two inedible food, which leads to his death eats. Now can convince to emigrate to the USA Kristina by Karl- Oskar's plans. Along with others who have decided to take the trip - including a fleeing religious persecution couple and a man trying to escape his marriage - they embark on a rickety sailing ship on which they later after numerous hardships and dangers ten weeks finally reach their destination. From the east coast of you are looking for by steamship and rail in today's Minnesota place to begin a new life.


" First part of a impressively designed ( gathered in the German theatrical version ) emigrants and settlers saga. Formal and human of exceptional quality. "

Vincent Canby wrote: " Even if you have reservations about the form and intention of the film, it is still difficult, from its conception, and especially from the extensive outdoor shooting in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Sweden, not to be impressed. " Thinks about the performances he, " in particular von Sydow and Ullmann play with a kind of spontaneous truth in looks and gestures, where else but nobility, truth and beauty are required. "


Emigrants was nominated for five Oscars and won two Golden Globes ( for Best Foreign Language Film as well as for Best Actress ), two Guldbagge, a Jussi and the New York Film Critics Circle Award.

The film was, as well as its sequel, shortened to cinemas. 1981 beamed ZDF both parts as a four-part mini- series with a total length of 322 minutes.

At the time of its formation emigrants was the most expensive with $ 2 million Swedish film.

The East German version of the film has a running time of 141 minutes.