The Gathering (computer party)

The Gathering (short TG) is a demo party, which is organized annually in Hamar, Norway.

It is next to the Assembly in Finland and the now -defunct The Party in Denmark, the third major demonstration and Game Party, which has its roots in the early 1990s. Since the party on the same date as the breakpoint in Germany and its predecessor party Mekka & Symposium held and a majority of the visitors are players, they find in the demo scene less attention. Nevertheless, the organizers of The Gathering eighth still insist that they remain true to their roots in the demo scene. This manifests itself, for example, earn more money for the demoscene competitions (also called Compos, Eng. Shorthand for Competitions, contests ) compared with the gaming competitions. Nevertheless, the audience of the party is less international than is usual with other major events in the demoscene.

The Gathering is also known for its e-sports tournaments.

2011 and 2013 occurred during the event, the Norwegian Hardstyle duo Da Tweekaz on.