The Golden Age of Grotesque

The Golden Age of Grotesque is the fifth studio album by the rock band Marilyn Manson. The album was released on May 13, 2003 Nothing / Interscope Records.


Because of its inspiration from the 30s, and the allusion to the Nazi symbolism came The Golden Age of Grotesque harsh criticism. At the music on the album bassist Tim Skold was involved to a large extent. On the Special Edition of the film also double heart was included in addition to the 16 pieces of music, in which Marilyn Manson directed and whose screenplay was written by him.


The page wrote, The Golden Age of Grotesque was " definitely the hardest Manson and distanziertestes, even if not the best album. Rather, it is an accessory to the total work of art ' Marilyn Manson ', which today, is able to artistically barren times, yet always to surprise again. "

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