The Great Escape (Blur album)


  • Guitar, saxophone, banjo, background vocals: Graham Coxon
  • Bass: Alex James
  • Drums, percussion Dave Rowntree

The Great Escape is the fourth studio album by British rock band Blur. It was released on September 11, 1995 in England.


After the " happy " and playful Parklife this album seems content almost a little melancholy. Almost all the songs are about loneliness and " separations ". The album was described as a " flip side " of Parklife, instead of the working class is more of figures from the suburbs and the problems of modern life.

Musically, the band released their search through all possible variants of pop music (especially 60s ) continues. Pieces such as The Universal are continuing the idea of ​​To the End and demonstrating the courage to large events, choirs and orchestral and big band -like instrumentalities. The first single Country House, however, is another example of the Britpop sound.

The "Battle of Britpop " or " Battle of the Bands "

The fact that The Great Escape same time as the second album (What's the Story ) Morning Glory? was published by Oasis, egged the press to a "Battle of Britpop " between the two bands.

While Blur with the single Country House for the time being able to win the race just for himself, to The Great Escape sold not as numerous as the album of the competition at the end. A side effect of the " Battles " was that the previous two albums now awaken an interest outside of England. A single such Charmless Man was also created mass-compatible back and received positive fan reaction.


  • Country House - August 1995
  • The Universal - November 1995
  • Stereotypes - February 1996
  • Charmless Man - April 1996

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