The Greens (Bulgaria)

Selenite or Zelenite ( ЗЕЛЕНИТЕ Bulgarian, Bulgarian for: the Greens ) is a green -oriented Bulgarian party. It was founded human rights organizations in Sofia by members of various non-governmental environmental protection and on 18 May 2008. The organizations want in this way by political pressure to increase the dialogue of the Bulgarian government and establish more green ideas in Bulgaria. Several existing at that time parties with green claim are classified by Zelenite as not serious growing.

According to Articles of Incorporation, the party presidency of three equal chairman.


By May 2010: Denica Petrova, Andrei Kovačev and Petko Kovačev

Since May 2010: George Tuparev, Daniela Božinova, Andrej Kovačev

2011-2013: Georg Tuparev, Stojan Jotov, Borislav ( Bobi ) Sandov

European Parliament elections 2009

For the first time the party took part in the European elections in Bulgaria in 2009 and received the support of the European Green Party. She arrived in Bulgaria with 18,444 votes accounted for 0.72 %.

2009 parliamentary elections

Also for the 2009 parliamentary elections the party could muster the necessary participation fee of 25,000 euros and took part in the elections. She received 21 841 votes (0.52 %). Thus, the party missed its self-imposed choice target of 1%.