The Guess Who

The Guess Who is a Canadian rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, which was successful in 1970. With the hit American Woman she reached the first Canadian group in 1970 the top position on the U.S. charts.

Originally called the group founded by Chad Allan in Winnipeg in 1958 "Chad Allan & The Expressions ". With the enigmatic name " Guess Who? " (Eng. Guess who? ) The record company tried in 1965 to attract national attention, which it did.

Over time, changed the sound of the band in the direction of hard rock. In 1969 she had her first top ten hit with These Eyes. 1970 saw worldwide hit American Woman (number 1 in the U.S.). At this time, the band consisted of Burton Cummings (vocals - he had in 1965, Allan replaced), Randy Bachman (guitar), Jim Kale ( bass) and Garry Petersen (drums).

In 1970 Bachman the group and was later able to celebrate with Bachman -Turner Overdrive success. In 1974 they had with Clap for the Wolfman, a song about the American disc jockey Wolfman Jack, a million seller.

After several line-up changes, the band broke up in 1975. A new edition, however, is still active today.


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