The Haunted Mansion (film)

The Haunted Mansion ( Original title: The Haunted Mansion; Alternative title: Disney's The Haunted Mansion) is an American horror comedy from 2003 was directed by Rob Minkoff, the screenplay was written by David Berenbaum. . The main role was played by Eddie Murphy.


Jim and Sara Evers are real estate agents and owners Evers and Evers Real Estate. The owner of the house located in New Orleans Gracey Manor contact Sara Evers and share that they want to sell the house. Sara and Jim join - involuntarily - a weekend getaway with her children with a visit to the property.

The butler Ramsley expressed at the family's arrival dissatisfaction that Sara is not alone published. He leads the family to his boss Edward Gracey. An onset of severe weather, however, flooded the only access road, so that the family can not leave the property. Therefore, the visitors relate room for the night.

In the library, Jim finds a secret later transition, in which it is included. A blue ghost ball leads the children to the attic of the house. There they find a painting in which a woman was depicted that looks like Sara. From the spirits of the domestic workers they learn that Gracey is a spirit of the man who was in love with the one shown on the painting Elizabeth and the wedding planned against the wishes of his parents with her.

Jim discovers the living head of Madame Leota. The head leads him to his children. Madame Leota tells him that he must find the key to a chest, which can be found in a mausoleum. When Jim and the kids want to get the key, they are attacked by zombies, but can escape.

In the chest in the attic, the group finds a letter from Elizabeth, where she reveals her love for Edward. Visitors will find out that Elizabeth Butler Ramsley was poisoned by jealousy and false understanding of traditionalism, after he conjured up both her and Sir Edward to have been abandoned by the other. Suddenly, the group is surprised by the spirit of the butler, who locks the child in the chest and Jim throws out the window.

Ramsley Sara wants to force her to marry the spirit of the owner, by threatening that otherwise he will kill her children. Jim frees the children and prevents the wedding, a dragon drags Ramsley to purgatory after this Elizabeth, Edward and all those present cursed. The spirit of the landlord learns that the bride is not Elizabeth. He is united with the spirit of Elizabeth and given in gratitude to Jim the deed of the house. The spirits accompany the bridal couple united in heaven, Family Evers makes itself back on the way back and ended the lock not to want to sell.


Kevin Thomas wrote in the Los Angeles Times of 26 November 2003, the film is rather " scary " as " scary " and offers fun for the whole family. He remember the comedies with Bob Hope in the 1930s and 1940s. Thomas praised the illustrations - especially those of Eddie Murphy - the " clever dialogues ", the directing, the special effects and production design.


Aree Davis won the 2004 Young Artist Award, Marc John Jefferies was nominated for the Young Artist Award. Eddie Murphy was nominated for the 2004 Kids' Choice Award. Dave Stephens was nominated in 2004 for the special effects for the Annie Award. The makeup experts were nominated for the 2004 Saturn Award.


The film was produced and distributed by The Walt Disney Company; its production costs amounted to approximately 90 million U.S. dollars. The shooting took place in California and in New Orleans. The grossing cinemas in the U.S. was 75.8 million U.S. dollars. In the UK 8.1 million pounds sterling were played in theaters, in Italy 3.2 million euros, 5.6 million euros in Spain. In Germany, there were 873 202 moviegoers in Spain 1,166,899 moviegoers.

The film was made like the Pirates -of -the- Caribbean - Saga to a theme ride at Disneyland. The story contains many parts of the storyline of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and the very similar Phantom Manor at Disneyland Resort Paris.

Product Placement

The movie made ​​sure that it can be clearly seen that the family car is a BMW 7 Series (BMW E65 ). In one scene Jim pats the car lovingly and calls it a masterpiece of engineering. The car plays an essential role in the finale of the film.


The red sofa that is in Gracey's office, was already 1954 20.000 Leagues under the Sea, which was also produced by the Disney Studios, used in the film adaptation of Jules Verne and since then has been around in the fundus.