The Herd (UK band)

The Herd ( engl. the herd ) was a British rock band that had a number of successful songs in 1967 and 1968.

Terry Clark ( vocals), Andy Bown ( bass), Tony Chapman ( drums) and Gary Taylor (guitar ) had the band formed in 1965 in Beckenham. Clark left the band in 1967 and was replaced by Peter Frampton (guitar, vocals). Taylor moved to the bass and Andy Bown took over the keyboards. On drums sat now Andrew Steele.

After a few unsuccessful singles was created in collaboration with the songwriters Ken Howard / Alan Blaikley who were also responsible for a number of successes by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, a series of hits, including From The Underworld (1967, 6th place in the UK charts ), Paradise Lost (1968, 15th place) and I Do not Want Our Loving to Die (1968, No. 5 ).

After the success subsided and the band broke up gradually. First replaced Henry Spinetti drummer Steele. Frampton left the group to call with Steve Marriott, the band Humble Pie to life. The vocals then took over Andy Bown. The Herd is not forthcoming 1971 After further success, disbanded. A second album, which was recorded with Frampton still remained unpublished.

Bown and Spinetti founded with saxophonist Mike Smith and Allen Jones of Amen Corner and the vocalist Adrian Williams, the short-lived band Judas Jump. 1971 produced Taylor, who now worked as a disc jockey, and Steele, the single You Got Me Hangin 'From Your Lovin ' Tree.

Since 1976, Andy Bown member of the group status quo. Gary Taylor joined the band by Gerry Rafferty and participated in the worldwide hit Baker Street.

Worth mentioning

The musician Bob Young was in the late 1960s for a short time as a stagehand ( Roadie ) for The stove worked. However, he was lured away from the status quo, for which he was tour manager. For Status Quo, he was subsequently active for many years and in 1976 came back to Andy Bown, with whom he occasionally wrote songs together.