The Hogan Family

  • Valerie Harper Valerie Hogan ( 1st - 2nd Season )
  • Sandy Duncan: Sandy Hogan (3rd - 6th Season )
  • Jason Bateman: David Hogan
  • Jeremy Light: Mark Hogan
  • Danny Ponce: Willie Hogan
  • Josh Taylor: Michael Hogan
  • Edie McClurg: Mrs. ( Patricia ) Poole
  • Steve Witting: Burt Weems (2nd - 6th Season )
  • Tom Hodges: Rich
  • Josie Bissett: Cara ( Season 6 )
  • Angela Lee: Brenda ( Season 6 )
  • John Hillerman: Lloyd Hogan ( Season 6 )
  • Christine Ebersole: Barbara Goodwin ( Season 1 )
  • Judith Kahan: Annie Steck ( Season 2 )
  • Steve Vinovich: Richard (3rd - 6th Season )
  • Willard Scott: Peter Poole ( 3rd - 4th Season )
  • Gerald Gordon: Skip Franklin ( 1 - Season 5 )

The Hogan clan is an American television series that was broadcast in the years 1986-1991 in the U.S..


Main Characters

Valerie Hogan

Valerie Hogan lives with her family in a suburb of Chicago. They tried practically alone their three sons David and the twins Mark and Willie raise and also to combine this with a part-time work in an auction house. Husband, Michael Hogan is due to his professional activities as a pilot only seldom at home. So it is within the family repeatedly turmoil.

After the second season differs from the role in the series. It is said Valerie Hogan had died in a car accident.

Sandy Hogan

Sandy Hogan is the sister of Michael and pulls Valerie's death to the Hogans to fill the role of mother. But to the guys she has more of a friendly relationship, even if it is still regarded as an authority figure. She works as a teacher and later as Deputy Director at David's school.

David Hogan

The eldest son, the 16- year-old David Hogan enjoys playing ice hockey and is also taking much else with his friends Burt and Rich. Otherwise his life is marked by the usual topics of a boy his age: David is lovesick, looking for a job in order to be able to buy a CD player and asks his parents for money for his first car.

Mark Hogan

The twins have their own problems. Mark is the most intelligent of the three brothers, but feels nevertheless not always comfortable. He is very often raised by the older brother David, because he is very predictable. In addition, Mark is jealous of the two Ice Hockey aces David and father Michael, while he himself is more of a skinny and unathletic type.

Willie Hogan

Willie has big problems especially in school. He feels the pressure to perform not being able to withstand, since he is always compared with his gifted brother Mark. In addition, Willie is very rebellious, inquisitive and also clumsy, which has already earned him many a trouble with his brothers.

Burt Weems

Burt Weems is the best friend of David. He is a somewhat eccentric young man. He wears thick glasses, raised pants and always a Strickpullunder. In one episode, he falls in love with Sandy, with which he understood very well until the end.


Rich is also a friend of David. Among other things, the two ended up together with Burt during a trip to Las Vegas in prison because they have operated with fake IDs gambling. In the final season dies Rich AIDS. In this episode, David is giving a speech on the occasion of a school project, which should encourage the students to Sandys, Marks and Willie's school and thus of course the audience in front of the TV to protect against AIDS.

Barbara Goodwin

Barbara Goodwin was in the first season, the neighbor of the Hogans. For the guys - especially with David - it was not particularly popular.

Supporting Characters

Michael Hogan

Father Michael Hogan comes in the first seasons ago, only relatively rarely. He is a pilot by profession and is therefore often absent. In the later seasons, he is something more integrated into the stories.

Patricia Poole

Mrs. Poole is the always friendly, but also somewhat untwisted and intrusive neighbor of the Hogans. Your first name is Patricia, she will, however, always called Mrs. Poole. She lives with her husband, Peter Poole, who starred in the series a few times. She is happy with her husband, in a sequence, however, it has a near-miss affair with a teacher colleague of Sandy. This will cancel it but because they do not want to cheat on her husband.


Cara is in the last two seasons the girlfriend of Mark, although she had originally fallen in love with Willie. Willie, however, it turned out, was not exactly her type. With the intelligent Mark joined them much more. Cara and Mark are a very romantic couple, what Willie and Brenda mostly just left a fool.


Brenda is also in the last two seasons the girlfriend of Willie. It is quite rude and does not mince his mouth.

Lloyd Hogan

Lloyd Hogan is the father of Michael and Sandy Hogan. He moved to the separation from his wife to the house of Hogan. Nevertheless his son, he has no straightforward relationship. For example, it pushes Michael to sour when Lloyd gives the twins a motorcycle without first talking to Michael about it.

Annie plug

Annie Steck was in the second season a neighbor of the Hogans. She had a very good relationship with Valerie, who was able to talk to her about everything. Annie has a 13 -year-old daughter, Rebecca, who clashed in a sequence with Willie, as the curious pubescent Hogan 's son was watching at a slumber party through the window and she saw it without clothes.

Skip Franklin

Skip Franklin is an old comrade flight Michaels. Under him, Michael has learned to fly. In the first three seasons Skip emerged in each of a sequence. Both Valerie and Sandy in he was not very popular because of its macho posturing. The boys, in turn, were always impressed by the reflection of the rebellious nature of the old flying ace. Michael has a lot to thank him, so always took him from attacks his wife and his sister in protective.


Richard is the divorced husband of Sandy. He's a pretty narcissistic and unpopular man. Both Sandy's parents and Michael can not stand him. When Richard married a second time, Sandy reacts quite angry that foreshadows the rest of the family that she still has feelings for him. The real nuisance for them was that he used to when she married again.

Guest Stars


In the original, the series had over the years different names. In the first two seasons (1985-1987), she had the name Valerie. After Serientod the main character Valerie Harper, known as Rhoda Morgenstern from the sitcoms The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda, the series was renamed Valerie 's Family (1987-1988), before the title of The Hogan Family received for the last three seasons.

The theme song Together through the years was sung by Roberta Flack.