The Hound of the Baskervilles (2000 film)

  • Kenneth Welsh as Dr. John Hamish Watson
  • Jason London as Sir Henry Baskerville
  • Matt Frewer as Sherlock Holmes
  • Emma Campbell as Beryl Stapleton
  • Gordon masts as Dr. James Mortimer
  • Robin Wilcock as Jack Stapleton
  • Arthur Holden as Mr Barry Moore
  • Leni Parker as Mrs. Barry Moore
  • Linda Smith as Laura Lyons
  • Jason Cavalier as Selden
  • Joe Cobden as Perkins

The Hound of the Baskervilles (Original Title: The Hound of the Baskervilles ) is a Canadian television production from 2000 directed by Rodney Gibbons, based on the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. The role of Sherlock Holmes was taken over by Matt Frewer. Other leading roles were played by Kenneth Welsh and Jason London.


Differences from the book

The film basically has some differences to the novel, Conan Doyle. It is striking, especially the fact that Sherlock Holmes appears again only at night, is attacked in the Sir Henry Moor in the dog. In the novel, Holmes played an active part in the action, even before Selden is killed by a dog. Also to Beryl and Sir Henry meet that night secretly on the farm of Merripit House. In the novel, they invite Sir Henry open for dinner.

  • Dr Watson has shown nothing against ordinary tobacco smoke, as in this film; in the novel comes in the evening, Watson Baker Street and does not have to because of the thick air once cough, but otherwise, as Watson himself was smoking.
  • The dog does not come in one night before Sir Henry's room, so that it can see him, just to see Watson and Sir Henry the dog is not a day on the moor.
  • Watson is alone when he meets the Stapletons for the first time.
  • For the property of the Baskervilles not heard the village Grimpen and the complete bog.
  • Holmes, Watson and Mortimer make during the conversation in London, where Holmes learns about the case, do not walk; everything begins and ends in the Baker Street apartment.
  • Selden is not as innocent in the novel.
  • Barry Moore is planning to open a pub and not a bike shop.
  • Holmes meets Sir Henry for the first time not in the hotel but in Baker Street.
  • Watson is not angry that Holmes has used it; in the film, he already is.
  • The dog is already shown in the scene, dies in the Sir Charles. Overall, the dog is shown during the movie three times before the showdown, is attacked in the Sir Henry ( where he first actually appears in the book).


Matt Frewer is listed as the first star of the film in the opening credits. Nevertheless, Kenneth Welsh ( Dr. Watson) by far the most moments in the film. Even Sir Henry Actor Jason London has more minutes than Matt Frewer. Welsh is listed in the credits as the last actor.


Due to the great success that the film had, Hallmark was planning three more films, all of which were directed by Rodney Gibbons in the following year. It's The Sign of Four, A Royal Scandal and The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire.


The film received the 2001 Gemini Award for Réne April for the best costumes.