The Hucksters

The Greyhound and the Lady ( Original title: The Hucksters ) is an American comedy film directed by MGM from 1947 is based on the novel The Hucksters ( 1946) by Frederic Wakeman. . It is the first film, the Deborah Kerr turned in the USA.


After the Second World War, the clever adman Victor Norman is trying to get a new job at the advertising agency of Mr. Kimberly. During his interview he witnesses how the soap producer Evans, an important customer of the Agency, Kimberley gives instructions for a new advertising campaign by telephone. Evans has drawn up a list of 25 society ladies, and Kimberley to encourage them to advertise for Evans ' products. On top of the list the general's widow Kay Dorrance is listed. In the advertising agency we see difficulties to be able to win for the action. Vic offers to clarify that. Contrary to expectations, Mrs. Dorrance however, is certainly open to advertising.

Kay must first be a photographer with Vic. After Evans ' wishes them to the recordings wearing a black, transparent negligee. But for this it is not ready. Contrast, Vic suggests a black evening dress. Then it comes to Vic's first meeting with Mr. Evans. Vic has to justify why he has not complied with the advertising photos to specifications. His answer: " Soap is a clean product, so the advertisement must be clean. " Evans is so surprisingly satisfied. Also from the other concept which presents Vic, he is impressed. It provides a Vic with an annual salary of $ 25,000 plus expenses. Mr. Kimberly would like to duly celebrate the success and invites his new employee with Kay in a bar one. There one meets Jean, a former Vic that occurs there as aspiring singer. Afterwards Vic Kay goes home, but then she asks, still to go with him to the beach. There they explain to each other their love. Vic wants to spend time with her the next weekend in a hotel where he had last been four years ago with a woman. But when he arrives in front of Kay, he has to realize that it is no longer the old hotel. The new owner is rude, and the rooms are run down. The ordered widely separated rooms where Kay had passed, he did not get but two juxtaposed with a connecting door. He makes his way to design the rooms at least with flowers.

Meanwhile, Kay travels to. Upon their arrival in the hall, she feels out of place, and when the waiter also will unlock the connecting door, she makes on the spot returns and goes back home, without having spoken to Vic. The remains alone, but has no time to resolve the matter with Kay. Because he is quoted for the next morning along with Kimberly to Mr. Evans. He wants to engage the second-rate comedian Buddy Hare for a shipment. Vic should get in touch with the agent of Dave Lash discrete contacts. Prior to his train then he visited again Kay, but distrusts him at the moment too, although she still loves him obviously. On the train he meets Jean again randomly. With their help, he can sign a good contract with Lash and gets Buddy at a bargain price with options. Vic tries to refresh the old relations with Jean. But he is not quite in the matter, and she already knows who owns his heart. When he comes back, waiting for him at the front door Kay, who was specially flown to speak out with him. From Marriage is the speech and the money he wants to earn.

Then Vic reaches a hysterical call the advertising agency. The contract with Buddy does not seem to be working because of existing contracts. Vic studied Lash on again and blackmails him with his knowledge of his criminal record. Hindsight is it uncomfortable because of his behavior, but he needs the goodwill of Evans for the job at Kimberly, and this in order to be able to marry for the money. Before meeting with Evans, in which a demonstration of the new show will be presented, Kimberly tells him about a raise of $ 10,000. But Vic realizes that he reveals to the blackmail of old friends such as Lash and thus to have become just as dependent on Kimberly Evans as his old ideals. He says Evans his mind and throws him the job and the $ 35,000 plus expenses feet. Now Vic has indeed regain self -esteem, but no money. But Kay cheers him and said that we could get married with little money.


" An amusing satire on advertising and advertising company; conventionally designed, but interpreted dazzling, the film fascinated by the clever character drawing and the sympathetic self-image of independence, " was the lexicon of international film.