The Incredible Machine (series)

The Incredible Machine is the name of a computer game series by Kevin Ryan and Jeff Tunnell, who worked for the developer Dynamix. Distributors were the games by Sierra Entertainment.

The aim of the game is always using different utensils to build machines that will each perform a specific task. When utensils are not only technical components such as gears and belts also household and leisure articles and some animals available. At the beginning of each puzzle, some components of the machine are already placed and thus predetermined. All other components have to be used by the player such that a - often complicated - chain reaction occurs at the end of the mostly rather simple problem is solved. With the built machines so it is called Rube Goldberg machines.

The games each have a number of different such puzzles, divided into several levels of difficulty. There is also a mode for 2 players and the opportunity to build their own machines that can be purposed for example, other players for loosening.


  • The Incredible Machine (1992, for MS- DOS, Mac and 3DO )
  • The Even More Incredible Machine (1993, DOS, Microsoft Windows and Mac)
  • The Incredible Machine 2 (1994, DOS and Mac ) (in Germany as "Tim 's Wacky Workshop " sold )
  • The Incredible Machine 3 (1995, for Microsoft Windows and Mac)
  • Return of The Incredible Machine: Contraptions ( 2000 Windows and Mac)
  • The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions (2001 Windows and Mac)

Some of the versions are now offered as abandonware.

For licensed by Dynamix offshoots of the series include the games Sid & Al's Incredible Toons for IBM PC and the Japan -exclusive Arthur to Astaroth no Nazomakaimura: Incredible Toons ( Japanese:アーサー と アスタロト の 謎 魔界 村 インクレディブル トゥーンズ) for the first Playstation.

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