The Italian Bob

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The Italian Bob (English title: The Italian Bob) is the eighth episode of the 17th season of The Simpsons. Kelsey Grammer won the 2006 for this episode of the Voice-Over Performance award, also got this episode in 2007 Writers Guild of America Award.


Mr. Burns is mocked by children because it has an old fashioned car. He then asks the Simpsons to go to Italy and pick up a sports car. After the car was badly damaged on the way back, they come in an Italian village and learn that the mayor speaks English. They have arrived at the City Hall notice that Bart's mortal enemy Sideshow Bob is the mayor and has founded his own family. Now he wants Bart no longer kill and then the two families become friends. But when Lisa gets drunk, she unmasked Sideshow Bob as a criminal. Now Bob wants to kill his family, the Simpsons. Finally, it is possible with Krusty to escape the Simpsons help.


This is the last episode, was synchronized in the Sideshow Bob of Ivar Combrinck.