The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post is an Israeli daily newspaper which is published in English. It was founded in 1932 under the name The Palestine Post of the American journalist Gershon Agron. The first issue was published on 1 December 1932. In 1950, the newspaper was renamed the Jerusalem Post. For the newspaper operates, among others, Daniel Dagan. A native of Vienna Ari Rath was for many years chief editor.

The Jerusalem Post is also widespread outside of Israel. In Germany it is published weekly as " International Edition ". On the Internet it is offered both as an international as well as a French e-paper.

Together with the Haaretz counts the " JPost " to the textlastigsten and journalistic quality print products in the country. The political orientation has leveled off after several changes of direction, partly because of multiple change the owner and accompanying editorial changes in the new millennium on a conservative- liberal line, but without nearly available to a particular party. Similar to the Haaretz newspaper emphasizes pluralism of opinion. Thus, apart from a certain constancy in the editorials and a nearly continuous liberal -oriented business section to find articles and columns of different political thrusts in sheet regularly.