The Knack ...and How to Get It

The Knack is a British comedy film, directed by Richard Lester in 1965. The screenplay is based on a play by Ann Jellicoe. In Germany the film learned his cinema debut on 10 August 1965.


Colin is a young teacher who also owns a house in London. With women, the young man can not cope, he just does not find any access to them. His tenants Tolen other hand, is a kind of heartthrob. Tolen even organized a meeting of all his girlfriends at the Royal Albert Hall. Another tenant, the actor Tom, has a calming influence on both men.

Colin comes to the idea to create a brass bed to impress the women. Together with Tom, he goes to a junkyard to find one. As they roll the bed found in the streets homeward, they encounter the innocent Nancy Jones. Nancy comes from the province looking for a YWCA, the YMCA for women (English: the YMCA = Young People 's Christian Association, Young in the film synchronization Christian Association girls). The men offer their help, but in the end it's Nancy, who helps the two to push the bed. Here, however, they cause traffic accidents and hysterical fits of passersby.

In the pension Tolen Colin wants to show his flirting technique. Colin should then ranmachen to Nancy, if this is just gone into raptures. But Colin can bungled his chance unused, so it rushes with Nancy Tolen on a motorcycle. Colin and Tom make in pursuit of the two. In a park, they meet a hysterical Nancy. You Tolen accused of rape, which denies this. Colin takes on Nancy's, both are fast friends.


" Turbulent, fast-paced parody of machismo, merit and big city hustle and bustle, at the same time a loving portrait of the " Swinging London " in the 60s. The Richard Lester's film debut, the unconcerned combines style elements of pop culture, the French Nouvelle Vague and the American slapstick comedy to a successful avant-garde. "

"With his madcap mix of styles - from slapstick to serious avant- garde staging - this dazzling film, a true masterpiece! "

"This is one of the best comedies ever made in England. Because here chasing a gag the next. " Beatles " director Richard Lester has created an absolutely hilarious and turbulent comedy about the "Swinging London " of the Sixties. "

"Despite its seemingly fashionable style, the film has lost none of its charm: Between the two Beatle films Lester shakes a snapshot of the 60s youth self-image out of his sleeve. "



International Film Festival of Cannes 1965

  • Grand Prix for Richard Lester
  • Big Technology Award for Richard Lester

Writers Guild of Great Britain 1966

  • WGGB Award for Charleswood


International Film Festival Berlin 1965

  • Nominated for the Golden Bear for Richard Lester

Golden Globe 1966

  • Nomination in the category of Best Actress - Musical or Comedy for Rita Tushingham
  • Nomination for Best Foreign Film in English

British Film Academy Award 1966

  • Nomination for Best Picture
  • Nomination in the category Best British film
  • Nomination for Best British Actress for Rita Tushingham
  • Nomination in the category Best Newcomer for Michael Crawford
  • Nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for Charles Wood
  • Nomination for Best Cinematography for David Watkin


With a budget of about 364,000 U.S. dollars, the film grossed worldwide to 1970 8 million U.S. dollars.

In addition to cameos by director Lester and screenwriter Charles Wood also the film debut of Jacqueline Bisset, Jane Birkin and Charlotte Rampling are worth mentioning.