The Korea Herald

The Korea Herald is a South Korean newspaper, which is published in English. The newspaper is part of Herald Media, and is a member of the Asia News Network.


The newspaper was first published in August 1953 as The Korean Republic. In 1965, the newspaper was renamed The Korea Herald.

In 1995, the newspaper informed the webpage This has currently (as of 2011) more than 40,000 visitors per day.

"Insight into Korea " book series

2007 launched the Korea Herald, a book series titled "Insight into Korea," 20 years after the protests of 1987, which led South Korea to democracy. The series should provide a detailed analysis of changes in South Korea over the past 20 years. The Korea Herald published to eight books: Insight into Korea, Social Change in Korea, Political Change in Korea, A New National Strategy for Korea, Korean Wave, Big Bang in Capital Market, Financial Industry at a Crossroads and Insight into Dokdo.