The Lazy Spinner

The lazy spinner is a farce (ATU 1405). He stands in the Children's and Household Tales of the Brothers Grimm in place 128 (KHM 128).


A lazy woman talks himself out so that she could not reeling, as they have no reel. Since her husband reel wood is beat. She hides and calls three times "who cuts wood for reels shall die, And he who winds, shall perish! " Until he gives up. You reeling the thread by throwing the ball between the attic and down back and forth. The woman should not cook it. She puts overcooked thread into the pot and lets you watch the man. So he thinks he would have done it wrong and lets them continue in peace.


Grimm's note quoted from Zwehrn ( by Dorothea cattle man) and lists, in addition KHM 14 The three spinners still references for comparison: Penta Meron 4.4; old German forests 3, 160-163 and Hagens Total Adventure 2, 141; Pauli's Schimpf und Ernst. The spindle tree they bring etymologically with a fortune or misfortune significant Wünschelbaum in conjunction.

The motif of Angsteinjagens hidden by acclamation is identical with that of the dupes who prays according to Hans -Jörg Uther, the example at a higher tree looking for advice, see KHM 139 Dat Mäken of Brakel.