The Lizard

The Lizard ( Cornish Lysardh ) is a located in the southwest of Britain Peninsula. It is located in the former Kerrier District in the county of Cornwall. The border to the hinterland lies south of the town of Helston and south of the River Helford River.

The name comes from the Cornish " Lys Ardh ​​", which can be translated as " High Court ". The term was converted to the English " Lizard ", but meaning " lizard ".

On the peninsula is the Lizard Point, the southernmost point in Britain. Here are the two octagonal Lighthouses Lizard Lighthouse from 1752, of which only one is in operation today. For a long time the shores of Lizard were feared as a grave for ships.


On the Goonhilly Downs is the British Telecom Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, one of the largest satellite communications centers in the world. Furthermore, is the Goonhilly wind turbine here.

When Mullion is located on the west coast of the radio station in Poldhu Poldhu Cove. This reminds Marconi monument and a museum to the first successful transatlantic radio transmission in 1901, which was sent from here and was received at Signal Hill in St. John's, Newfoundland.


In Coverack on the east coast ( blackhead ) and Lizard ( Kynance Cove and Asparagus Iceland ) there are open days for trespassing serpentine, consisting of large parts of the peninsula.

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