The Lost Tomb of Jesus

The Jesus grave ( Original title in The Lost Tomb of Jesus) is a documentary about the search for the grave of Jesus. The film first aired on television in 2007 and sparked heated reactions from church leaders and scholars forth. Simcha Jacobovici directed by Executive Producer was James Cameron.


1980, a family grave was in construction work in the south of Jerusalem on the edge of the suburb of Talpiot from the Second Temple period exposed (see Talpiot grave ), which was investigated by Israeli archaeologists. The finds was initially given no extraordinary interest. The discovered burial vessels, called ossuaries (bone boxes), the Antiquities Authority were passed. Then the construction work continued and access to the tomb was filled.

A team made ​​inquiries and examined the ossuaries again. In six of the stone vessels names were engraved ( epigraphs ). The names that should have been on the ossuaries were:

Joseh (Joseph ) Marjah ( Maria) Matjah (Matthew) Yeshua Bar Jehosef ( Jesus son of Joseph ) Yehuda bar Yeshua ( Judah, son of Jesus) and Mariamenou Mara. It has been suggested that this constitutes the family grave of Jesus. Analysis of residues from the ossuaries seemed to support this thesis. A statistical analysis of the frequency of the name of Jesus' time was reported as the main evidence. Next, it was concluded that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a son. The team went on a search for the family tomb in Jerusalem Talpiot and finally discovered it again. Through a chute they went into the tomb and examined it again, but had to abandon the research because they had not obtained official approval.


The Israeli Antiquities Authority confirmed in 2003 that the inscriptions were carved on the bone boxes at a much later date and artificially coated with a patina.

Next is to criticize, that the alleged remains of Jesus and Mary Magdalene has been reported only from a mitochondrial DNA analysis. From the result that both have not the same mother, the thesis has been derived that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. Much more interesting, but would be a DNA comparison of the supposed remains of Mary (mother of Jesus ) with those of the siblings of Jesus, Simon, Joseph ( Joses ), Judas, James, and of course Jesus himself So many claims could corroborated or refuted quickly.

Critics such as Jürgen Zangenberg, professor of New Testament at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands ), describe the theory underlying the film as unrealistic. It is not a science: ". This is about money and to headlines "