The Magic Castle

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The Academy of Magical Arts is an American Association of Magicians. Its registered office and clubhouse is The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Currently, the AMA has abbreviated organization about 5000 members. The association is a member of the international umbrella organization Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, which organizes the three -yearly World Championship of Magic.


The magician William W. Larsen, Sr. (1904-1953) from the Larsen family, founder of the Magicians Genii magazine, launched his idea of ​​such colleagues Club in April 1952. The first members were automatically to subscribers of Genii. The idea died away again, as Larsen died shortly thereafter in 1953. Although Larsen's wife and partner Geri (1906-1998) and as well as the oldest son Bill Larsen Jr. (1928-1993) gave the magazine out on to the further development of the club they did not care.

The younger son Milt Larsen started in 1961 with the construction of a venue for magic shows. Parallel to these activities, which led to the acquisition of The Magic Castle and the structure of the club and event house in 1963, he convinced his older brother Bill Junior to take up his father's idea and build the right to the clubhouse membership organization with the Academy of Magical Arts. Once again, the subscribers of Genii had the pleasure of membership. Brother Bill became the first Chairman, during the first board of directors from George Boston, Norman Carroll ( who died before the start ) was, Alvin Jansen, Harry Mendoza and Frederick Shields.

The Clubhouse

The Magic Castle (34 ° 6 ' 17 "N, 118 ° 20' 31" W34.104638888889 - 118.34180555556 ) is considered a landmark in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It is the private clubhouse of the Academy of Magical Arts. Only members and their guests are allowed to attend the demonstrations in the clubhouse.

The Magic Castle is a Los Angeles Historic -Cultural Monument. The building was built in 1908 in the Victorian style. In 1963, the building located in the Franklin Avenue was taken over by the Larsens.

The Castle is a popular destination for magicians from all over the world. The building itself is designed as a clever illusion, because it seems to be much larger inside than it looks from the outside. The Castle is a private club, which is open only to members and their guests. In addition, there is a dress code ( suit and tie for men, evening or cocktail dress for women).

Probably the most significant member of the Academy was Dai ​​Vernon. Many famous amateur magician Neil Patrick Harris, Cary Grant, Steve Martin, Johnny Carson or Jason Alexander from Seinfeld appeared already in this building.

The Magic Castle offers a weekly changing program presenter, both in the category of close-up and in the division of stage magic.

Honors / Awards

In addition to the usual Memberships Academy of Magical Arts awards called Honorary Life Memberships and VIP memberships. The highest honor to be awarded the Masters Fellowship.

Prices are annually at the Academy of Magical Arts Award Show and Banquet awarded to the best over the past year in the Castle presenter in the following categories:

  • Comedy Magician of the Year
  • Bar Magician of the Year
  • Stage Magician of the Year
  • Close- Up Magician of the Year
  • Parlour Magician of the Year
  • Lecturer of the Year
  • Junior Achievement Award

There are also honors for Literature ( Literary Fellowship ), the life's work ( Lifetime Achievement Fellowship ), the Performing Fellowship, the Creative Fellowship and the Special Fellowship. The ceremony as Magician of the Year ( Magician of the Year ), however, can also get artists who arose in the course of the year at the Magic Castle.

Pictures of The Magic Castle