The Marrying Man

The Marrying Man is an American comedy film directed by Jerry Rees from the year 1991. The main roles were played by Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin.


The wealthy Charley Pearl learns in the 1940s in Las Vegas Vicki Anderson, who works as a singer in a nightclub. Though he is soon to marry the daughter of a movie studio bosses Adele Horner, but he embarks on an affair with Anderson. Your patron, the gangster Bugsy Siegel, caught Anderson and Pearl. Siegel calls surprising that Anderson and Pearl marry what happens.

Shortly after the wedding, leaving his wife Pearl in favor of Horner. Later, Anderson and Pearl come together again. Pearl founds for his wife, a movie studio, so it can speak as an actress. Since no film was completed, the studio becomes insolvent after a few months.

Anderson leaves Pearl. This she wants something later recover and buys her a ring. He and his friends visit a show, dancing in the Anderson and sings. She dances seductively at the table of the group, from all friends Pearls, they ignored him but. When she is back on the stage, Pearl noted that she has bought the ring on her finger. Pearl smiles.


Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times on 5 April 1991 on the circulating and published in a magazine rumors, the film is based on true experiences of a shoe manufacturer and an actress. He praised the director Jerry Rees.

Desson Howe praised in the Washington Post, 5 April 1991, the screenplay by Neil Simon, and the portrayal of Paul Reiser.


Kim Basinger was nominated in 1992 for the Golden Raspberry.


The film was shot in California, including in Los Angeles, turned.