The Mask of the Sun

The Mask of the Sun is a computer game of the U.S. company Brøderbund from the year 1982. It belongs to the genre of text adventures with graphics. In Germany, a translation under the title The Mask of the Sun - driven Mystery of the Aztec mask of the company Ariolasoft. In 1983 the sequel The Serpent 's Star.


The plot in the style of an adventure story takes place in Mexico. The archaeologist Mac Steele, the player character is in search of a sun mask ( "Mask of the Sun" ) that is hidden in a pyramid of the Aztecs. He is assisted by Raoul, an assistant professor of Mexican archeology de Perez. His opponent Francisco Roboff want to find the mask too; he tries Steele and Raoul to prevent them from search.


The control of the single-player adventure games on keyboard. Game commands such as " N" ( "North" ) or "S" ( South " ) to be entered for movement between the action scenes on a text parser. With the input of simple words or short phrases can be taken as objects and spaces are entered. Some actions in the game are to be achieved within a time limit.

Development and production details

The game has a two-dimensional animated graphics in some scenes. It was implemented for the C 64, Atari XL and Apple II. Developer of the Atari version was Jeff Johannigmann.


Reviews the computer magazine Happy Computer reviewed the action with very good graphics with good and the vocabulary of the text parser as satisfactory. Special mention was the successful atmosphere and the high motivation of the Game Adventures. An American Game review assessed the graphics as " absolutely superb " and the overall game quality as " excellent".