The New Seekers

The New Seekers are a British pop group.

Band History

After the dissolution of the band The Seekers Keith Potger formed with Eve Graham ( born April 13, 1943), Sally Graham, Laurie Heath, Chris Barrington and a native of Leipzig Marty Kristian ( born May 27, 1947) In 1969, the first formation of the New Seekers. The following year, Sally, Laurie & Chris got out due to artistic differences, and were by Lyn Paul ( born February 16, 1949), Peter Doyle ( born July 28, 1949 and † 13 October 2001) and Paul Layton (* August 4, 1947 ) replaced. Eve Graham and Lyn Paul sang previously in a mixed boy / girl band from Manchester called The Nocturnes.

In 1971 an advertising jingle of the beverage company Coca Cola titled I'd Like To Buy The World a Coke. The New Seekers rewrote the text and the song ended up under the name I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing on January 8, 1972, to four weeks at No. 1 on the British charts. It was one of the most successful advertising songs of the 1970s and was often known only as the Coke song.

Previously, she had with her version of Neverending Song of Love to be celebrating a number -two hit in the UK charts. In 1972, she joined the Euro Vision Song Contest on in Edinburgh and occupied with their song Beg, Steal or Borrow second place. In the charts, the song also rose to rank 2 more top 10 success in the UK were You Will not Find Another Fool Like Me (No. 1, 1974) and Circles ( No. 4, 1972) and I Got a Little Sentimental over You ( # 5, 1974). Their greatest success in Germany were Neverending Song of Love ( # 4, 1971) and Beg, Steal or Borrow (5th, 1972), from which they also published a German version, Oh, I want to beg, I want to steal.

In 1974, the New Seekers disbanded shortly and the individual members walked solo career. In 1976, the group reformed with Marty Kristian, Paul Layton and Eve Graham, ex- Wishful Thinking - singer Danny Finn and newcomer Kathy Ann Rae. By 1978 they celebrated some chart success in the UK. Eve Graham and Danny Finn got out in 1978 and got married. After several line-up changes 1978-2002 is only Paul Layton from the original line-up. The New Seekers occur today on oldies festivals. 2009, they celebrated their 40th anniversary with a grand tour.

On April 4, 1987, she was part of the group Ferry Aid, which the Beatles song Let It Be recordings to commemorate the 193 victims of the ferry disaster of Zeebrugge again and thus for three weeks, the top chart in the UK Top 40 occupied.

Eve Graham published 1980 solo album Woman of the World and 2005 Single Highland Cathedral and the album The Mountains Welcome Me Home. In 2006, the album Til The Seasons Comes Round Again followed.

Lyn Paul published in 1975 her solo album Give Me Love, with another former Coca -Cola advertising song, It Oughta Sell A Million. She celebrated since the 1990s great success in England as a musical performer in the plays Taboo by Boy George and Blood Brothers. In 2007, her second solo album Late Night appeared.

After Peter Doyle's death in 2001, the album Rarities was released, featuring solo recordings from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Cathy Logan ( Kathy Ann Rae ) died in January 2011 after many years of cancer.