The Nylon Curtain


The Nylon Curtain is the eighth studio album by American musician Billy Joel. It was released on 23 September 1982 and is one of the first records ever, that have been digitally recorded, mixed and re-mastered.


The individual title of the work, especially " Laura ", " Surprises ", "Scandinavian Skies" and "Where's the Orchestra", have direct influences of the Beatles and John Lennon, and also provide a tribute to the musical legacy of the group dar. addition drew the title of " Allentown " the world's attention to the same city in eastern Pennsylvania and the decline of industry in the Mid-Atlantic States.

The end of the last track "Where's the Orchestra? " Uses a simplified instrumental version of the leitmotif of " Allentown ", so that a loop is formed by the combination of the first and the last track.


After his release in September 1982 managed "The Nylon Curtain" to jump to seventh place of the U.S. album charts and was awarded two million records sold in the United States to one of the most sold albums of the year. The single " Allentown " reached number 17 of the singles chart and was on the radio to one of the most performed plays of the early 1980s.

Title list

Both the music and the lyrics of all the tracks come from Billy Joel.

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