The Permanent Cure

The Permanent Cure is a company incorporated in 1975 German - Irish music group. They are mainly known for their handmade Irish and North American music. The quartet plays mainly traditional songs from Ireland, Scotland and North America, but also has some own pieces in the repertoire. They are considered as an excellent live band.

Band History

George Kaye, Dermot O'Connor, Leo Gillespie and Pat Gibbs founded in 1975 in Ireland, the band Dr. Kayes Permanent Cure. Set in Dublin's folk scene, she quickly became known and occurred both in large concert halls and stadiums and Irish TV shows. Since 1993, the band played in various occupations in Germany. Among other things, played The Permanent Cure with the Dubliners and various other folk bands in the Guinness concerts, town festivals and folk festivals.

The Permanent Cure appeared more than 900 times in Germany and Europe (as of January 2010). The music contains the folk music and style elements of the genres bluegrass, country, Tex -Mex, Cajun and world music.

Multiple The Permanent Cure appeared as the opening act or an equal partner on at concerts by artists such as The Dubliners, Five Alive O and Noel McLoughlin. The band had television and radio appearances, such as in the ' Late Late Show' by Gay Byrne and the Sonny Knowles show on RTE.

In addition to folk-rock bands such as Fiddler 's Green and Irish folk bands like the Cobblestones The Permanent Cure acts as a link between the classic Irish folk and roots music, where it has established with the combination of two styles of a distinctive new style in the folk scene.

In 2008, the band was engaged for the festival Balver cave for the first time. Since March 2009, Lars Möller is the new mandolin player of the band.


Mid-1990s, The Permanent Cure was elected to Ireland's best folk band.

In December 2008, the band won with the song How the Years Have Flown 1st place of the magazine Folk Celtic Rock and took the 3rd place at the same time in choosing the band of the year 2008.