The Philosophical Review

The Philosophical Review is a quarterly journal for philosophy, which is published by the Faculty of the Sage School of Philosophy Cornell University and since September 2006 appears by Duke University Press. There are published works from all areas of analytic philosophy, but a special focus on works that are for academic philosophers of general interest. Each issue contains about two to four essays.

The magazine is published since 1892 without interruptions. The first edition contained essays by William James and John Dewey.

Known essays

  • Quine, Willard van Orman ( January 1951 ), Two Dogmas of Empiricism
  • Rawls, John ( January 1955 ), Two Concepts of Rules
  • Grice, H. P. (July 1957), Meaning
  • Vendler, Zeno ( April 1957 ), Verbs and Times
  • Smart, J.J.C. ( April 1959 ), Sensations and Brain Processes
  • Harman, Gilbert ( January 1965 ), The Inference to the Best Explanation
  • Donnellan, Keith S. (July 1966), Reference and Definite Descriptions
  • Grice, H. P. ( April 1969), utterer 's Meaning and Intention
  • Nagel, Thomas ( October 1974), What Is It Like to Be a Bat?
  • Lewis, David ( July 1976), Probabilities of Conditionals and Conditional Probabilities
  • DeRose, Keith ( January 1995), Solving the Skeptical Problem