The Pleasure of His Company

  • Fred Astaire: Pogo Poole
  • Debbie Reynolds: Jessica Anne Poole
  • Lilli Palmer: Katharine Dougherty
  • Tab Hunter: Roger Berk Henderson
  • Gary Merrill: Jim Dougherty
  • Charles Ruggles: Mackenzie Savage
  • Harold Fong Toy
  • Elvia Allman: Mrs. Mooney

In good company is an American feature film of 1961 The comedy is based on the 1958 first performed stage play In Good Company ( Original title: The Pleasure of His Company). Cornelia Otis Skinner and Samuel A. Taylor, who also wrote the screenplay.


Pogo Poole is an international playboy who has hung around all over the world for 15 years. When his daughter Jessica marries, he suddenly reappears with his family in San Francisco. His ex-wife Katharine is now married to Jim Dougherty. Jessica is delighted to see again the father and is smitten by his charm and sophistication. However, Katharine feared the worst, especially fears that Pogo wants to stop the wedding with the somewhat dull and naive, but very rich rancher Roger Henderson. Jessica also recognize very quickly that Henderson compared to her father has little format and the relationship starts to kriseln. When she even announced that she cancels the wedding, the disaster seems as Pogo and on target. Pogo only reacts differently than all would expect. He makes sure that Jessica and Roger together again and the wedding can take place yet. The day after the wedding he disappears again.


" Locker amusing conversation with cleverly placed punch lines. "


Fred Astaire was in 1962 nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy. The film also took part in the competition at the International Film Festival of Berlin in 1961.