The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters is an American soul and disco band, created in 1971 by the sisters Anita ( born January 23, 1948), Bonnie ( born July 11, 1950) and June ( born November 30, 1953 † 11 April. , 2006 ) was established. In December 1972 her eldest sister Ruth ( March 19, 1946 * ) increased with a. The group was initially famous as a nostalgia act with 1940s jazz, Dixieland and big- band music, and later with Funk, R & B and Country. The singers were also by their external appearance, a mix of second-hand clothes and extravagant costumes. In the late 1970s, the sisters turned increasingly to pop and disco sounds and were able in the 1980s to celebrate their greatest successes. Among her best known hits Fire ( 1978), He 's So Shy (1980 ), Slow Hand (1981 ), Automatic, Jump ( For My Love ) and I'm So Excited (1984).

Early years - label Blue Thumb and ABC ( until 1978 )

As a child, the sisters were by her parents, the preacher Elton Pointer and his wife Sarah encouraged to sing in a gospel choir of her church in West Oakland, California. Rock ' n' roll and blues, however, were for the pious parents " devil's work ". Only then, when their parents were not at home, they could sing the songs from the radio. The first steps towards a professional singing career did Bonnie and June, who already in 1969 as Pointers - A Pair occurred. In 1971 they performed together with Anita to as The Pointer Sisters, and act as backup group many stars in the recording studios of California's west coast, including Elvin Bishop, Esther Phillips, Taj Mahal, and Alice Cooper. In 1972 they recorded for the Atlantic label on their first two singles, but were not successful.

In December 1972, she also convinced her eldest sister Ruth to enter with. After signing a contract with Blue Thumb, the quartet achieved in the year 1973 with the debut album The Pointer Sisters international breakthrough. Your grand entrance on May 15, 1973 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles caused a sensation and the mixture of 1940s jazz, big band and radio - elements came to dazzling. The first hit of the Sisters Yes We Can Can, a fiery mix of funk and R & B, placed in the U.S. at number 12 of the R & B charts and # 11 on the pop charts.

The expressive passages as hysterical vocals provided in the following years, always good for a surprise and hits. The excellent album That's A Plenty with classics such as Black Coffee or Salt Peanuts contained with Fairytale also an authentic country number. The recording could climb to # 13 on the U.S. charts and allowed the Pointer Sisters also the leap into the country charts in 1974. In 1975 they won with the song Fairytale Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, to date, the only black group that managed this. In the same year they also had the honor to be allowed to appear at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

The Grammy-nominated song How Long ( Betcha ' Got a Chick on the Side ), turn funky, was founded in 1975 their only number-one hit on the R & B charts. In the same year they were also awarded in Germany. The German Phono Academy gave them the award for the best international junior ensemble. By 1977, they remained true to their nostalgia Course and the record label Blue Thumb faithful. A lengthy Tantiemenprozess with the company, a nervous breakdown of June and the flop of the album Having a Party temporarily had a sensitive career setback result. Already in early 1978 Bonnie left the group to pursue a solo career at Motown. With Heaven Must Have Sent You had it in the same year a big hit, but this could not be repeated. Unfortunately, it also came with the new record company disagreements.

Superstars - Labels Planet and RCA (1978-1985)

The change to Richard Perry and his label Planet ( in sales of large Group RCA Records ) had the success curve go back up. With the album Energy ( 1978), he produced a glossy mix of R & B and rock without any nostalgic bonds. The awarded a gold record Bruce Springsteen song Fire climbed to number two on the U.S. charts and became their biggest hit to date. The published next year Priority album continued the rock course. However, the record flopped, no single was also placed in the charts. It was not until the turn to more urban sounds with the top hit He's So Shy (1980, U.S. # 3, gold plated ) left the trio finally go to superstar Course. Seamless lined the sisters a top hit to the other: Slowhand (1981, UK # 10, U.S. # 2, gold-plated ), Should I Do It, American Music (1982 ), Automatic, Jump, I'm So Excited, Neutron dance ( 1984). The song I'm So Excited 1982 already So Excited represented on the album was re-released in 1984 as a remix in exchange for the title Nightline breakout. In the U.S. alone the album sold Break Out until today over three million times. I'm So Excited applies on both sides of the Atlantic as an absolute disco classic that is still played on many 1980s parties or on the radio today. In 1985, the Sisters finally switched from Label Planet to the mother ship and RCA had with the album and the single Contact Dare Me (1985, U.S. # 11, UK number 17 ) their last million seller. In the same year they were represented on the album We Are the World by USA for Africa, known by the same name worldwide hit, titled Just a Little Closer.

Subsequent years (1986-2004)

With the album Hot Together ( 1986) the Sisters could not build on the previous successes, the single gold mine only reached number 33 in the U.S. charts. By 1987, they remained a presence in the American charts with smaller successes while they were placed in the R & B charts after all, until 1991. In 1988, the Pointer Sisters on the soundtrack Caddyshack II were represented with the dance track Power of Persuasion. In Europe, however, they were almost written off. In 1990, they left RCA for a lucrative contract with the legendary Motown record company. But here too, the success did not rehire. The 1993's comeback attempt Only Sisters Can Do That remained as unnoticed as the Musical Publishing Is not Misbehavin ' in 1996. Numerous compilations and regular live performances but the sisters are still doing good business. In 1994 they were represented with the country star Clint Black and the title Chain of Fools on the CD Rhythm Country and Blues, in the U.S. a million sold times. 1996, they were also celebrated at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games as the Night of the Proms in 2002. Two years later she gave in Bonn together with Kool & The Gang to great acclaim. At this time, June Pointer had already dropped out because of drug problems. Your place had taken Issa Pointer, daughter of Ruth.


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