The Polyphonic Spree

The Polyphonic Spree is an American music group from Dallas / Texas.

History of the band

The band was formed in 2000 by songwriter Tim DeLaughter, after whose band Tripping Daisy had dissolved because of their guitarist Wes Berggren Drogentods. The second songwriter Julie Doyle joined the " sprees ". Furthermore, the former Tripping Daisy bandmate Mark Pirro and Bryan Wakeland belonged to the first cast.

Currently, the Group has 24 members - Rock instrumentalists, brass, strings, keyboard player, lead and choral singers. The first two albums The Beginning Stages of ... and Together We're Heavy found in the United States with mixed reactions. Irritating effect that The Polyphonic Spree is presented in flowing white or red robes, behind which some suspected a sect. With their third album The Fragile Army ( 2007), the group also changed their appearance: black uniforms with red cross and heart patches (supposedly peace emblems ) and a gold pin with the name of each band member. The album title comes from the director Mike Mills, for the DeLaughter in Berlin the soundtrack to the independent film Thumbsucker had written. In the recording of twelve songs David Bowie keyboardist Mike Garson worked with. Bowie had Polyphonic Spree invited to the Meltdown Festival in the UK in 2002. Songs by The Polyphonic Spree were used, inter alia Michel Gondry's film in Forget Me Not! , Leander Haussmann Comedy NVA (2005) and in a Volkswagen commercial. In addition, The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain (2001), the band contributed two songs for the soundtrack of the film, for which Yann Tiersen pretending the subject.

The band also appears in an episode of U.S. hit series Scrubs - on in which they their song "Light and Day" present ( Season 3, Episode 19: " My trickiest decision " / " My choosiest choice of all" ). Another guest appearance they had in the U.S. series Las Vegas, where they play music in the casino at the Montecito.


  • 2000: The Beginning Stages of ...
  • 2002: Together We're Heavy
  • 2005: Thumbsucker, O.S.T.
  • 2007: The Fragile Army
  • 2012: Yes, It 's True
  • 2002: Soldier Girl EP
  • 2003: Light & Day EP
  • 2006: Wait EP
  • 2002: Soldier Girl
  • 2002: Hanging Around 1
  • 2002: Hanging Around 2
  • 2003: Light and Day 1
  • 2003: Light and Day 2
  • 2003: The March (with Grandaddy )
  • 2004: Hold Me Now
  • 2004: Two Thousand Places
  • 2007: Running Away