The Preacher's Wife

The Preacher's Wife ( Original: The Preacher 's Wife ). 's An American love story starring Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston 's 1996 It is a remake of the film Every woman needs an angel ( The Bishop's Wife, 1947) with Cary Grant in the male lead.


It is Advent. Pastor Henry Biggs ( Courtney B. Vance ) devoted all his energies to diverse social issues of his black Baptist church in a poverty-stricken district of New York. Absorbed in his work, he does not notice that he neglected his wife Julia (Whitney Houston ) and his young son. To make matters are the machinations of a Immobilienhais, the lure of the troubled financial worries community with a swanky new church to secure the church property. The priest fears a collapse of the community due to the more distant location of this new community center.

In answer to a prayer God sends him the angel Dudley ( Denzel Washington) in support. Of course, the pastor does not believe that Dudley is an angel. Dudley but can not be shaken off, makes itself useful in the church office and the passage of time is the pastor's wife liking to Dudley's attention. When the priest finally noticed this, he decides to devote his family more time. After he returned to the real estate shark on the path of virtue and has brought some side storylines to a happy conclusion, the angel erases all memories of him from the memory of the couple and leaves a happy family.


" An imaginatively staged and well-played romantic comedy that has deliberately prescribed a naive perspective. She lost through dramaturgical shortcomings and strong emotionalism some of its attraction a, yet offers a total but very sympathetic conversation. "


The soundtrack to the film is called " The Preacher 's Wife: Original Soundtrack"

1 I Believe In You and Me ( movie version )

2 Step by Step

3 Joy

4 Hold On, Help Is on the Way

5 I Go to the Rock

6 I Love the Lord

7 Somebody Bigger Than You and I

8 You Were Loved

9 My Heart Is Calling

10 I Believe in You and Me (Single Version)

11 Step by Step (Remix)

12 Who Would Imagine a King

13 He's All Over Me

14 The Lord is My Shepherd

15 Joy to the World


  • Hans Zimmer was nominated for the soundtrack for the Oscar.
  • Whitney Houston was awarded an Image Award.